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8th July, 2019
The Honorable Mohammad Sarwar
Governor of Punjab
Governor’s House
Mall Rd, Garhi Shahu
Lahore, Punjab 54000
Dear Governor Sarwar,
I'm a final year film student from Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. I'm working on
producing an education film based on an intellectual discourse between an undergraduate and
Vice Chancellor of a prestigious university. The debate attempts to highlight most of what is
wrong with our current standardized school system and provides an alternate; a humanistic
model which aims at revolutionizing the Education system in Pakistan. The idea is to promote a
system which encourages personal development and individual growth over academic grades and
performances. Finland, the world leader in Education, follows such a model and the results are
obvious. I strongly believe that Pakistan certainly has a lot of potential to excel in this area, given
that we have the largest percentage of youth in the world, and Allama Iqbal’s ideologies as the
best fuel for channelizing them. It is in this light that I have titled my project, “Khudi.”
Once it is produced the short film will be sent to Ministry of Education, and will be screened in
institutes throughout Pakistan (In shaa Allah).
The reason I’m writing this is that it has come to my knowledge that Prime Minister of Pakistan
has launched a plan of utilizing the Government residences like Governor’s House for public
welfare, by allowing them to be rented out or engaged for useful purposes. The type of setting
that I require for my project can be found inside Governor’s House – a spacious study or an
office based on Victorian/Vintage theme. I have been looking for such a location for months now
and learning of this possibility feels like a dream coming true. However, I have no references or
links through which I could contact the concerned management there. Upon calling the only
contact number provided on the internet, and confirming it with the guards outside the gate on an
unsuccessful visit in which we were not allowed inside, I was asked to write an application. I’m
writing this application hoping that it finds you before the end of my hopes. Please find attached
the synopsis of the script, as well as the shooting details provided below:
Shoot details:
1) I have a responsible production crew that has worked with many brands and produced several
TVCs. (Not a pin will be harmed in the process, In shaa Allah).
2) Other than the production crew, there will be 2 actors.
3) The shoot will continue for maximum, 2 days – preferably nights.
PLEASE let me know the details of how I should proceed with this. Your cooperation will be
highly regarded. Thank you for your service to our community. Pakistan Zindabad.