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Who is Responsible of the Tragedy of Macbeth

Who is to blame for the tragedy of Macbeth?
Consider: Macbeth is
originally seen as good
man, but his corrupted by
his ambition the Witches’
prophecy. Ultimately he
abandons reason and
emotion, becoming a man
who acts on pure impulse,
motivated by his
Is responsible
1. Macbeth’s actions
are motivated by
ambition and
Is a victim because…
1. M- “I have no spur to
prick the sides of my
intent, but only vaulting
ambition which
o’erleaps itself.”
1. Lady Macbeth is the
driving force behind
Duncan’s murder. She
questions Macbeth’s
manhood and resolve.
1. LM- “I do fear thy
nature, it is too full of
the milk of human
M- “We will proceed no
further in this business”
LM- “Was the hope
drunk wherein you
dressed yourself?”
2. Doesn’t listen his
better judgement
2. M- “Stars hide your
fires, let not light see
my black and deep
3. Killing Banquo,
killing Macduff’s family;
motivated by his
3. M- “I am in blood
stepped so far that,
should I wade no more,
Returning were as
tedious as to go o’er.”
2. The Witches plant
the original idea of
Macbeth’s becoming
King, fuelling his
They lull him into a
false sense of security
with later visions.
2. Banquo: The
instrument’s of
darkness tell us truths,
win us with honest
trifles, to betray us in
deepest concequence.
Lady Macbeth
Consider: Lady Macbeth is
originally motivated to help
her husband in any way she
can, but the extreme
lengths she will go to make
her ruthless and coldhearted. She has little input
in plans after Duncan’s
death, and is eventually
driven insane by her grief,
remorse and depression.
The Witches
Consider: The Witches
originally inspire Macbeth’s
ambition, but they do not
force him to act. Similarly,
their later prophecies fool
Macbeth into a false sense
of security. They seem to
indicate things are fated to
happen, yet events unfold
because of other
characters’ choices.
Is responsible…
1. Lady Macbeth is
ruthless and
uncompromising in her
efforts to make
Macbeth King.
LM- “Come all you
spirits that attend on
mortal thoughts, unsex
me here and fill me
from top to tow with
direst cruelty”
Is a victim…
1. Lady Macbeth is
plays little part in
events after Duncan’s
1. LM – “What’s to be
M- “Be innocent in
knowledge, dearest
chuck, till thou applaud
the deed.”
2. Lady Macbeth
pushes Macbeth to kill
Duncan, questioning
his manhood and
2. LM- “Hie thee hither,
that I may pour my
spirits in thine ear.”
2. Lady Macbeth is
driven insane by her
2. LM - “Out damned
spot! Out I say!... who
would have thought the
old man to have so
much blood in him!”
1. There is a possibility
the prophecies would
have come true without
1. M- “If chance will
have me King, why,
chance may crown me
with out my stir.”
2. It is Macbeth and
Lady Macbeth’s
ambition and choices
that transform their
2. Malcolm- “This dead
butcher and his fiend
like Queen.”
1. The Witches five the
original prophecy to
Macbeth, which
inspires is actions.
2. Hecate plans to
influence Macbeth
further by lulling him
into a false sense of
LM- “When you durst
do it, then you were a
man… you would be so
much more than a man
1. “All hail Macbeth! Hail
to thee Thane of
Glamis… Thane of
Cawdor… that shalt me
King hereafter.”
2. Hecate - “He shall
spurn fate, scorn
death… and you all
know security is a
mortal’s cheifest enemy”
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