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embedding quotes mini-lesson

Embedding Quotes
Embedding Quotations--ALL QUOTES must be introduced in an
A. ROLLS ROYCE (most impressive; demonstrates you are a
sophisticated writer; most difficult to master)
Incorporate a quote into a sentence that you have
already begun:
1. Realizing how hurt Piggy is, Ralph can’t decide “between
the two courses of apology or further insult.”
2. Smokers continually “infringe on the rights of others when
they light up in confined places such as elevators and
3. Evidence of a plane crash was “visible in the trees; there
were the splintered trunks and then the drag, leaving only
a fringe of palms between the scar and the sea.”
4. Americans must learn “that envy is ignorance; that
imitation is suicide.”
Practice with a line from your
favorite song:
O In the 1960s, many people saw “something
happening here.”
O Sometimes we feel “a little drunk” when we
are in love.
O People who are addicted to gambling “live
just to play the game.”
B. CADILLAC (perfectly acceptable, just not as impressive)
Introduce the quote with a complete sentence. This is
what most students are doing when they “plop” quotes into a
paper. All you need to do is put a colon after the sentence
preceding the quote and begin the quote with a capital letter.
This time the quote must be a complete sentence.
Ralph’s common sense is evident in the novel: “If a ship
comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must
make. . . a fire.”
Second hand smoke has been proven lethal: “Cases are
now being documented where people whose parents
smoked are getting lung cancer when they themselves
have not smoked” (“Truth” 4).
Emerson believes passionately in individualism: “Whoso
would be a man must be a nonconformist.”
Practice with a line from a
O Arnold Schwarzenneger’s character in
Terminator was a man of few words: “I’ll be
O Ariel is constantly enamored with the realm
of humans: “Wish I could be part of your
C. CHEVY CHEVETTE (gets you there, but without much
Introduce or end the quote by identifying the
1. Loyd says to Codi, “Too good to speak to an Indian
boy on the street?”
2. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice
everywhere,” says Dr. King.
3. According to Emerson, “In every work of genius we
recognize our own rejected thoughts.”
O Choose 1 quote from The Most Dangerous
Game that could be used as textual
evidence in your essay. Using the Rolls
Royce Version of embedding quotes, embed
this somewhere into your essay and
highlight it.
Abigail Williams
O Abigail felt as though Goody Proctor was “a
lying cold, sniveling woman,” who she would
not “black[en] her face for…”