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ADM 1.00 Expense Reporting

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ADM 1.00
Expense Reporting
Effective Date
Revision Date
July 30, 2002
PURPOSE: To clarify employee reimbursable expense items and the procedure
used to be reimbursed.
A. Administration
1. Reports should be submitted to Accounting at least once a month, but no
more than once a week. Checks will be processed and given to the
employees weekly.
2. All reimbursable employee expenses (travel, mileage, meals, etc.) should
be submitted on the company’s standard expense form, approved by the
employee’s Department Head. These should not be processed as petty
B. Mileage
1. Mileage reimbursement for personal cars will be made at the annual level
set by the IRS.
2. To be reimbursed, you must attach the mileage log along with the
expense report. This log lists the total miles traveled, the date and the
from and to destinations. It should also note the client visited or purpose
of the trip.
3. According to the IRS, the amount that is reimbursable is the total miles
traveled less your normal commute mileage. Normal commute miles
would be from your home to the office. This applies even if you normally
do not go into the office on a daily basis (as with community service
4. Any bridge tolls or parking fees should be included in the column provided
for them. No receipts are necessary for the toll, but parking receipts
should be included.
C. Meals
1. Meals for employees are generally not reimbursed unless flight or
overnight travel is required. Meals would include a reasonable amount for
breakfast, lunch and dinner.
2. If your flight departs before 8:00 a.m., you can include breakfast on your
report, and if you will be away from home until after 7:00 p.m., you may
include expenses for lunch and dinner.
3. Meals with outside contacts, such as county employees or vendors, are
reimbursable if approved by the employee’s supervisor. These meals
should be categorized as entertainment on the expense report. . The
date, the name of the business contact and the business discussed must
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be included.
Meals with fellow employees are not a reimbursable
expense unless pre-authorized by one’s supervisor.
4. Receipts must be included.
D. Overnight Travel
1. Whenever possible, stay at a hotel where the company has established a
favorable rate.
2. Hotel expenses include the hotel stay plus taxes. Any room service
charges should be included in the column for meals. Movies, laundry
services, bar bill, etc. are not reimbursable and should not be included on
the expense report.
3. Car rentals should be shown as miscellaneous expenses and itemized
under comments. Car rentals are charged to personal or corporate credit
cards. [Note: Our insurance covers your liability (bodily injury and
property damage to others) but not the physical damage to the rented
vehicle. For Collision damage coverage, please use a credit card
(corporate or personal) that includes automatic coverage for collision
damage waivers for vehicle rentals charged to that credit card.] Receipts
for the car and gasoline purchases MUST be included with the expense
4. If you are away from home for more than a week, you can fly home for the
weekends. If you chose to remain at the location, the company will
reimburse for the car rental, room and meals up to the cost of the airfare
E. Miscellaneous Items
1. Phone calls that you have made for business from your home phone
should be included on an expense report with a copy of your phone bill
with “business call” noted on the bill.
F. Cell Phone Expenses
1. Designated employees needing cell phones will be expected to sign up
personally for the service.
2. For these designated employees, base rate cell phone charges will be
reimbursed with a copy of the phone bill. These covered charges will
include taxes and fees as billed by the phone company. Any additional
minute charges beyond the base rate minutes will need to be reviewed as
work related costs. If determined that total work related minutes exceed
the cell phone plan rate, those minutes will likewise be reimbursed. No
charges will be reimbursed following an employee’s tenure.
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ADM 1.00 Expense Reporting – 10/29/02
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