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Digital Transformation in Retail What Does the Future Look Like

Digital Transformation in Retail:
What Does the Future Look Like?
15 Jul 2019
Modern-day buying experiences supersede nostalgia. We no longer thrive in the days when
shopping experiences were confined to visiting one’s favourite store, exchanging awkward smiles
with the shopkeeper, discussing likes and dislikes, haggling over prices, and finally making a
purchase. The scenario is quite different today. Customers want everything the way they like it, from
wherever they can, and they want it NOW. Thanks to the digital transformation in retail, it has
become possible to offer customers with some fascinating buying experiences.
So, how have the retail experiences evolved? What would the stores of yesterday and today look in
the years to come? What are the kind of in-store experiences you are likely to experience? Let’s take
a leap into it.
Cashless, Queue Free Stores
In 2018, the first flagship Amazon Go store was opened to the public. The intent was to provide the
buyers with cash free and queue-free automated buying experience. As a buyer, one just needs to
walk into the store, add products of their choice to the shopping cart and leave. The final billing
amount was deducted from their Amazon accounts.
These stores became a rage amongst the customers in a matter of days. It makes use of several
technologies including deep learning algorithms, sensors, and computer vision to offer a glitch-free
buying experience. If you are a retailer, you must know that the major focus of retailers of today is
to make the shopping experience more convenient for the customers. As artificial intelligence is
automating and transforming the retail store experiences you must think about joining the retail
digital transformation bandwagon.
Digital Transformation in Retail: What Does the Future Look Like?
Style Studios
Whether you sell everyday items or women accessories, you can make window shopping reality for
customers who like to get engaged with your brand but are looking for cost-effective means to do
so. Take Tiffany Store based in London for example. With duck egg blue interiors, the makers have
made it completely interactive especially for the young and social media savvy audience.
The store has features like a vending machine which is filled with Tiffany perfume and has a
#MakeitTiffany personalization station wherein the customers can get their personalized jewellery
crafted from scratch. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? By adopting digital transformation tools and
solutions, you can turn this into a possibility for your clothing or jewellery business. All you need to
do is approach a digital transformation company and they would be able to create a strategy for
Next Level Personalization
Bespoke customization is the latest and the most commonly executed strategies to win the hearts
of customers. When you craft a product which is exclusively for your customers, they would feel
important and would connect more with your brand recommending it to others. Last year, Amazon
received approval of a patent foron demand cloth manufacturing warehouse.
It consists of an automated system that consists of cutters, textile printers and assembly line along
with the cameras that click the images of attires which provide feedback for alterations. Also, the
goods would be manufactured in a batch depending on the customers’ shipping addresses. Whether
you own a brick and mortar store or an online website, you can keep records of your customers’
colour/size preferences and recommend them with suitable buying options. This would also boost
the efficiency of your retail store and enhance customer engagement. Think about it…
Dynamic Stores
Imagine walking into a store that constantly reinvents itself every week! Every time you walk in, the
store has new interiors, new theme and is selling new products. Excitement, surprise, and thrill are
in the air when you visit Story – A Macy’s Initiative, and a narrative retail idea which enables its
customers to check out over 70 business brands along with hundreds of products! All you need to
do is find out what is happening at a store near you, enjoy the feel of this vibrant store, and shop to
your heart’s content!
In January, STORY’s theme was “Home for the Holidays” a theme which was inspired by the film The
Greatest Showman. Before that, its theme was “Beauty” and the store owners had changed it into
a cosmetic store where customers can try different cosmetics and buy them. This concept has
become quite popular with different brands paying over $500,000 for getting featured at the store.
Digital Transformation in Retail: What Does the Future Look Like?
What’s Your Digital Transformation Dream?
Whether you have an online store or an offline one, it’s time to get over the mundane. And to be
able to do that, it is imperative to transform digitally and in the right way. Approach Gateway Digital
experts to traverse you right through your digital transformation dream. Drop an email to us on
[email protected] and share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you!
Digital Transformation in Retail: What Does the Future Look Like?
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Digital Transformation in Retail: What Does the Future Look Like?
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