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2.7Guided Reading Reforming Industry

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Reforming the Industrial World
Section 4
A. Determining Main Ideas As you read about the age of reforms, take notes to
answer the questions about the ideas of the philosophers and reformers of the
Industrial Revolution.
The Economic Philosophers
What were the basic ideas of each philosopher?
1. Adam Smith
He thought that economic liberty guaranteed economic progress.
Government should not interfere the economy.
2. Thomas Malthus
Population are increasing more rapidly than food supply, and people were
becoming poor.
3. David Ricardo
He believed that a permanent underclass will always be poor. Wages will
decrease as population increase.
How did each reformer try to correct the ills of industrialization?
4. John Stuart Mill
Mill wished to help working people with policies that would lead to a
more equal division of profits.
5. Robert Owen
He improved the working condition for his employees, and created
a nice living place in in New Harmony.
6. Charles Fourier and
Henri de Saint-Simon
They had the idea of socialism which the factors of production are
owned by the public.
7. Karl Marx and
Friedrich Engels
He introduced a radical type of socialism called Marxism, and predicted
that the workers will overthrow the owners.
8. William Wilberforce
He led the fight of abolition to end the slave trade in Britain.
9. Jane Addams
She ran settlement houses to help the poor in the united states.
10. Horace Mann
He was one of the most prominent us reformers, she favored free
education for children.
B. Analyzing Motives On the back of this paper, explain why workers formed
unions. Include the following terms in your writing.
laissez faire
4 Unit 6, Chapter 25
collective bargaining
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The Social Reformers