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Finor Piplaj Chemicals Limited
EL-71 Mahape MIDC,
Navi Mumbai 400 710
T : (+91 22) 3921 3000
F : (+91 22) 2768 1294
E : info@finorpiplaj.com
W : www.finorpiplaj.com
Multifunctional Deposit Conrol Agent
Product Features:
 Multifunctional deposit control agent
 Specifically formulated for pulp and paper process water.
 Helps in reducing the biological slime viscosity.
 Appearance
 Specific gravity
 pH of solution
White Liquid
0.99 g/cm3
 FINOR BLUEMATE 880 has a high affinity for hydrophobic surfaces, changing their main physical
characteristics through an adsorption process.
 It is also able to remove already existing deposits in the machine because of its high dispersant and
emulsifying properties.
 Decrease in holes and paper breaks.
 Improves biocide performance.
 Anaerobic area sludge reduction.
 Very effective against smelly bacteria.
 Liquid, easy to use and biodegradable.
 BfR XXXVI Recommendation approved.
Storage, Packing and Handling:
When not in use, the mouth of containers should be secured shut.
Though the product is relatively non-toxic, precautions must be taken to ensure workmen safety.
It may cause irritation to the nose and eyes. It is harmful if taken internally.
Finor Bluemate 880 is available in 50 lt. capacity industrial containers.
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CIN: U25202GJ1985PLC008209
Registered Address: Plot # 714, GIDC Ankleshwar 393002. Gujarat. INDIA.