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Sailor Jerry training

Spirit / liqueur training form
Name: Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
Place of production: Sourced from Caribbean, manufactured and bottled in Scotland
Year of production if available: Created in 1991
Used ingredients for production:
Rum at 92 % proof containing 46% alcohol, made out of processed sugarcane and mixed with spices,
giving spiced flavour including vanilla, cinnamon, butter, oak, nutmeg and ground ginger
Product process (step by step):
Harvested sugarcane is crushed and juice is squeezed from the cane, then juice is processed into
molasses which is sent to distilleries to be produced further into rum. After fermentation rum is distilled in
stills, after which rum is mixed with spices, bottled and sold to the market.
Style of Distillation process: Distilled from fermented molasses
Ageing process: Instead of aging in wooden casks, Sailor Jerry Rum is mixed with spices to add extra
flavour and texture
USP (unique selling point):
Spiciness, smooth after taste, sweetness
Easy to blend with various mixers
What to say to customers about (quick description):
Amazing spiced rum with strong vanilla cinnamon flavour, great asset for cocktails, recommended with
ginger beer or ginger ale, as well with other various mixers
Price at Play Restaurant Lounge: Single shot at price of 50aed, Bottle at price of 875aed
How we serve it / options for serving:
OTR in short glass, with mixers in high ball glass with/without ice, no garnish
Presented by: Nikola Stoisavljevic
Date: 22.03.2017