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Faissal El Idrissi Cover Letter

4 May 2019
Faissal El Idrissi
587 Harley Dr APT8, 43202, Columbus (OH), USA
(ITA)+39 334 2825722/ (USA) +1 6145895497
Dear HR personnel and Hiring Manager,
I am a junior, pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering and majoring in Mechanical Engineering
(Energetic Curriculum) at the University of Parma, from where I will graduate on July 10, 2019. With my
engineering coursework and project experience, my curious mindset and affinity for problem solving, I
believe that I am a strong candidate for this role.
Currently, I am at the Ohio State University (USA) as a Research Scholar, to develop my Master Thesis, on
the design of a Li-Ion Battery Pack using integrated electrochemical and CFD simulation.
As an MSc student I have tried to balance the course load and the extracurricular activities, that allowed me
to enhance my skills. Through academic projects, I have developed engineering abilities, 3D design and
modelling (SolidWorks, CATIA), understanding material properties, practising manufacturing technologies
(3D Printing, Machining), modelling dynamic systems (Matlab/Simulink, Scilab), programming
microprocessors (Arduino, Raspberry Pi). For example, in Functional mechanical design course, I
collaborated with three of my teammates, and we have created and developed a wireless robotic hand,
controlled with a glove using Arduino.
Due to my passion for Race Car Engineering, I joined the UniPr Racing Team, the Formula Student team of
the university. This experience changed my life, because it allowed me to learn a lot and gain experience in
this ever-passionate evolving field, from component’s design and optimization with FEA tools (Midas,
Inspire), to assembling and testing the car.
I was selected by my peers for the leadership role, which gave me a chance to develop my team working
and team management skills and bring them to a higher level. As a Vehicle Dynamic chief, I had the
pleasure to work on the development of the new Electric Formula (PSR01), this new challenge gave me the
opportunity to improve my knowledge not only about vehicle dynamic, but also about electric powertrains
and electric vehicles, chassis design and aerodynamics integration.
I believe that this is the position where my passion for the industry will grow. I look forward to hearing from
you, to learn more about your requirements, and to set up an interview meeting very soon.
Thank you for your consideration,
Faissal El Idrissi