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30 60 90 dau integration

Action Plan | 0 – 90 days integration
Meeting with supervisors , senior
• Identify potential mentors
management and internal stakeholders
• Create an effective responsibility matrix 
Success stories, ongoing issues,
delegate responsibilities based on the competency
expectations, key opportunity/focus areas
in communication and expectations from
Measure success rate of the performance
improvement plan
• Promote a proactive & transparent communication
Address any latent needs; understand gap
Continue to monitor key performance
• Align internal stakeholders and clients on the plan
Skip sessions with agents
Identify key defects and promote changes
Work on career progression for supervisors
0 – 30 days
30 – 60 days
Gather feedback on current management &
brainstorm next steps
Succession plan to be built (back up on an
event of promotion/absence from work) to
ensure business continuity
Weekly review of results, PMP process
procedures (reporting, communication etc)
Leverage leadership onboarding program
Meeting with external stakeholders
progress, address any grievance
Review the efficiency of current processes and
Biweekly skip sessions with agents to gauge
60 – 90 days
Continue to engage internal stakeholders and
Leaders Workshop Prepare and
clients to brainstorm further performance
Understand the gap in performance
present results to internal and external
improvement measures
and expectation
stakeholders – weekly
Work on new processes and procedures to
enhance operational efficiency (goal setting)
Rewards & Recognition program and extensive employee engagement activities