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Project Work

Project Work
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Ehsanul Haque Rohan
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Ms. Sabera
Why is it a good habit to go to bed early?
“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” So states
an old proverb, extolling the benefits of going to bed early and of waking up
early. A person who sleeps in time and rises early in the morning will have a
healthy body and wise mind, and he will be more successful in his career. If you
sleep in time, then only you can wake up early in the morning. Discipline, with
regard to the sleeping and waking time, plays an important role in the overall
development of person.
It is generally said that “Health is the real wealth”. The fresh breezy air is for the
early riser when he can go out for a walk or take some exercise. He feels more
energetic and less tired in his work throughout the day.
A person who gets up early has certainly a better start in his day’s work than
another who sleeps late. The early riser gets ample time to plan out the activities of
his day. And, when you work well, you are bound to get success in life. The
success in your career will bring you more money and make you wealthy.
A person who rises early in the morning takes wise decisions in his life. The
morning air is very good for the overall development of mind and other functions
of the body. Only a wise person can enjoy the comforts of life that can be bought
by money. An early riser is no doubt diligent and a man who is diligent is sure to
shine if life. Only an early riser can use the most of his time and can attain success.
However, it should be noted that proper rest of mind and body is as important as
early rising. To ensure that your body and mind get proper rest, you should go to
sleep in time. If you go to bed late at night, and wake up early in the morning, then
you will feel fatigue and dull during the entire day. Thus, you should develop the
habit of going early to bed and rising up early in the morning.