The dissertation is an empirical study of psychological nature (10,000 words) http://www.um.edu.mt/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/284503/RevisedDissertationGuidelines2016-


http://www.um.edu.mt/socialwellbeing/psychology/notices/documents_related_to_the_dissertatio n

Aim is to provide students with a learning experience in undertaking empirical research in psychological area of inquiry

Dissertation process:


Research proposal: to be completed and submitted Monday 27th November 2017

Brief description of the area you are interested in

Your preferred methodology

Area of psychology in which you would like to further your interest

Familiarise yourself with key literature that will enable you to ask good empirical research

You need to access articles on Hyde and other textbooks in order to inform your understanding and knowledge

Finding a research supervisor

Research supervisory relationship: will help you a lot, able to guide you into learning more about your area as well as how to conduct research into your area of interest

Guidelines for writing a good proposal o Clear research question o Clear rationale for this study-based on literature o Mention on knowledge of previous literature o State methodology you are using o How you going to analyse the data

Ethical considerations: you should not engage in research that is highly sensitive or that required the recruitment of vulnerable participants e.g. exploring the impact of sexual abuse: survivor perspective

Any queries regarding ethics: Dr Katya De Giovanni -Faculty of ethical xi haga

Decide area od study, identify potential supervisor, meet up, secure commitment and complete the research proposal

Photocopy everything

Research proposal forms are reviewed by members of staff

If you decide to make any changes, after your proposal has been accepted, contact martha sant


UREC ethics committee www.um.edu.mt/urec

 you can only apply for clearance after research proposal has been accepted

 show supervisor that you have ethical clearance