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The Wise Women

The Wise Women
The 12 Wise Women, or, sometimes referred to as the 12 Fairies.
In the story of Sleeping Beauty, there are 13 Wise-Women (fairies). As Bruno
Bettelheim states, "‘The thirteen fairies in the Brothers Grimm story are
reminiscent of the thirteen lunar months into which the year was once, in ancient
times, divided… " The moon is associated with the female, due to the connection
between the moon and menstration.
However, the King only invites 12 of the Women. The 12 Wise-Women that are
invited are considered a symbol for the 12 months of the solar calendar year.
The solar (Gregorian) calendar replaced the more ancient lunisolar calendar, which
was based on the moon and occasionally had 13 months. Since the 13th Wisewoman is banned from the party, this represents how the kingdom has shifted from
a matriarchal society, to a patriarchal society where the male force dominates.
The 13th Wise Woman (Fairy) as she administers her curse.
Not only does the 13th wise-woman stand for female power and control, she also
represents mentsruation. She curses the baby, "The King's daughter shall in her
fifteenth year prick herself with a spindle, and fall down dead." (Grimm) This
curse involves bleeding, connecting the 13th month of the lunar calendar with
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