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Washington State History Choice Project

PNWH Ch. 3 Choice Assignment:
Due 2/16/18 (Progress checks along the way)
Choose 1 of the following options: All choices must include a description of why
you chose the project, why it is historically significant, and a bibliography.
Write a Native American Legend. Examples: How the mountains got so high, how
the stars got in the sky, why wales live in the ocean, why volcanoes erupted, how
the elk got its call, how the deer got its antlers, etc. This should be at least 2 typed
pages, or 4 hand written pages. Illustrations strongly recommended to earn an A!
Create a poster or PPT showing and describing the salmon life cycle in detail.
Include a summary of Native American beliefs relating to salmon and/or Salmon
Create a poster or presentation teaching about the Ozette Dig.
Build a model or diorama comparing the lives and homes of coastal and plateau
tribes in Washington State.
Create a historically accurate work of Native American Art and include a
description of why you chose it and explain its historical significance.
Choose a topic from chapter 3 to research further. Develop a presentation to teach
others about what you learned. Must clear with Jamie.
Chapter 3 Choice Project Grade Sheet
Name: ___________________
1. The student chose a topic related to chapter 3 and created a project
(legend, model, diorama, play, art piece, ppt, etc.).
2. The student included a written portion that explained why their
topic was important, why they chose it, how they did it, etc.
3. The student presented their project to the class.
4. The student included a bibliography.
Total Score:
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