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Cookie Mining Practical Experiment

Practical Experiment: Cookie Mining
Aim: To understand the economics and process of mining
Materials: cookie, grid paper, mining lease, toothpick, paper clip
Method: (1) Purchase cookie and using grid paper trace around outside of cookie, count the number of squares
(1/2 square = 1), (2) Place cookie on top of mining lease sheet and using a toothpick and paper clip, carefully mine
the chocolate chips from the cookie, (3) Complete the results spreadsheet below.
paper clip
Discussion Questions (complete in your work book)
Will mined land return to its original state? Why or why not?
What are the implications of strip mining on the local environment?
Is coal a renewable resource? Why or why not?
What problems might we face if we stop coal mining? How can we avoid those problems?
How does fossil fuel mining affect the Earth and its inhabitants?