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acid base

1. Write an equation for the dissociation (ionization) of the following acids and bases.
(Note: Equation must be balanced). (16 pts)
a) HClO3
b) LiOH
c) H2SO4
d) HCl
e) Mg(OH)2
g) NH3
h) H3PO4
2. Identify the following as a metal, a metal oxide, a metal hydroxide, a metal carbonate or salt. (10 pts)
Co ____________________
LiCIO4 ________________
3. a) What are three properties of acids? (6 pts)
b) What are three properties of bases? (6 pts)
4. a) What is a substance that is one color in an acid and another color in a base?(2 pts)
b) What color does litmus paper turn in the presence of a base? (1 pts)
c) Match the type of solution with its pH. (3pts)
_______ acidic
_______ neutral
a. pH = 7.0
b. pH > 7.0
_______ basic
c. pH < 7.0
d) A substance that can react as both an acid and a base is said to be ____________________.(2 pts)
e) What is semi – noble metal? (2 pts)
f) Acids have more ____________ions and taste ________________(2 pts)
5. Predict the products of the following acid-base reactions and balance the equation. (10 pts)
a) KOH + HNO3
b) HF + Ba(OH)2
c) Al(OH)3 + H2SO4
d) BaCO3 + HCl
e) Ca(OH)2 + H3PO4
6. Predict the following reactions whether take place or not. ( You must give your reason. Otherwise you
won’t get any points) (12 pts)
a) CaO + H2SO4
b) Au + HNO3
c) MgCO3 + HBr
d) Cu + HNO3
7. In which of the containers given above no reaction takes place? Why? (10 pts)
8. Although they do not include H atom in their molecular structure, CO2 and SO2 have acidic properties in
their aqueous solutions. How is this possible?(Hint: Show interactions of these molecules with water)
(10 pts)
9. A) For each of the following pairs of solutions, determine which is the more acidic. (4 pts)
a) Rainwater of pH = 6.0 and tomato juice of pH = 4.2
b) Black coffee of pH = 5.0 and vinegar of pH = 2.8
B) For each of the following pairs of solutions, determine which is the more basic. (4 pts)
a) Toothpaste of pH = 8.0 and milk of magnesia of pH = 10.5
b) Seawater of pH = 8.5 and brass polish of pH = 9.5