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CK Spoken-Poetry

Alviar, Charles Kiefer
Manuscript, Spoken Poetry
The Poem will be a thriller theme poem, it is about journalists who divulge in online controversies
and report on them with half truths to further their own political movement.
The poem details about the internet and how it has gone ‘cold’ this being an analogy to how
unsympathetic people have become due to how anonymous interacting with people in the internet
A. Internet Journalists.
B. Posting ‘fake-news’ or biased articles to further their own agendas.
C. Excerpt speech from a character from a video game using the context of bad journalism
The flow of the poem will be slow, like a horror story someone would tell during a rainy morning.
Or an urban legend a parent would tell to scare their kids into obedience. The poem itself aims to
dehumanize the ‘abusive journalists’ by labelling them as monsters.
Scholars of Libel and Deceit
A cold painting, is this new world.
The inhabitants stray from the 2flame.
Tainted by the vices of the frosted mold.
In this cold painted world, one is not lonely.
Terrible 3monsters, to you they will flock.
The Monsters of avarice, thirsting eternally.
Be wary, for those who gather.
Those proclaim to seek what is true.
Your image they seek to tether.
To a terrible, unsavory issue.
Your name…
Your Image…
Your very light…
Will they bring to blight!
Be gone I say!
Be gone with you!
As clear as day!
For I’ve seen your kind, time and time again.
Every fleeing man must be caught.
Every secret must be unearthed.
Such is the conceit of the self-proclaimed seeker of truth!
But in the end…
You lack the stomach.
To the agony, you’ll bring upon yourself.
I trust you’ve learned your lesson…
Inside the cold painting, curiosity could be your cross…
Cold painting and New world referring to the Internet and Social Media.
The flame in this context being internet privacy and respect.
3 Internet troll.
4 ‘Journalists’ who ride the bandwagon when there is an issue who post biased information about a
5 Excerpt from Sir Vilhelm’s Speech from 2015 dark-fantasy RPG video game Dark Souls 3.
6 Sir Vilhelm’s ending speech.
7 Sir Vilhelm’s ending remarks after defeating the player.
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