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Kathlene R. Macuha
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. A sad reality that one would realize as he
would listen to the song “Upuan” by Gloc-9, a known rapper here in the Philippines who’s
describe as a blacksmith of words and letters who elaborated the reality of politics here in
our country. I was astonished as how the song with a catchy tone depicted a connotative
meaning of the word “upuan” and how the disappointing reality that is pictured out could
influence or wake up the people who’s guilty for the mentioned situations.
“Upuan”, connotatively means the comfortable seat that belongs to an executive
person either local or national. I was having that mix emotions of anger and disappointment
knowing that some people doesn’t deserve the chairs that they have because they only focus
in their own benefit forgetting the responsibility associated with these chairs and the fact
that it is real as observed here in our country. For example, in the news there are these
politicians who have lots of mansions and cars but has less projects for the people. And as I
heard in the song, I agree to the point that most of these people will really never let go of
their chairs to make their life better and not for the betterment of the people who put them
on those chairs.
“Ang dingding ng bahay naming ay pinagtagpi-tagping yero …” As Gloc-9 rants out in
the song the heart-breaking life of many Filipinos. I felt a pain in my chest or heart as I shed
a tear knowing it’s not a picture of my imagination but merely a huge part of reality that up
to this day still exists. Also hearing that part as he was full of questions of the main reason
that they aren’t noticed of those people with the comfortable seats and then assuming that
their blindness will never be cured for it is ignorance.
The ignorance must be called out. I then realized it as it was repeated in the chorus
part. “Kayo po na nakaupo, subukan niyo naming tumayo …” I’ve had that come-on-peoplelisten feeling because some people in the world of politics need the wake up call to somehow
help or make a change in ways they can and also people need to be informed that we
shouldn’t blind ourselves of the reality that this country might be forgetting we have.
When you have open your eyes and see, you can’t just close it again and pretend that
you’re blind. The song is a good wakeup call and representation for politics. I was more than
impressed for it affected me in many ways and I would love for our officials to hear it again
and again. But no matter what for the ones who will hear it, it is still their choice if they will
really listen sincerely and reflect not just hear the song for entertainment and ignore the
message it conveys. And that is the sadder part I realized.