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Enviro final 2019

Green City Project
Due 5/17/19
Create a 12 slide minimum PowerPoint where you design your ideal
green city. In your PowerPoint, describe the following:
1) Name of your city (be creative)-10pts
2) Where your city is located (if in the USA, which state, if in another country, which
country?) (provide a map)-10 pts
3) Describe your city. How many people live here? Where do they live? What are some
attractions that are unique to your city? What is the geography like (mountains, desert,
forests, on the ocean, etc.) (provide properly cited pictures)-20 pts
4) What does zoning look like in your city? How many people live per square mile? Are
there laws in place for how tall buildings can be?-15 pts
5) What methods are used for waste disposal (landfills, biofuel, etc.)?-15 pts
6) Does the city have a recycling program? What are they able to recycle from waste
products (e.g. plastic, food, etc.)? What does some of this recycled waste become (what
do they do with it after it is recycled)?-20 pts
7) Where does the drinking water come from in your city? How far away is the source -15
8) How is sewage treated in your city (do they have a treatment plant in the city and if so,
how does it treat the sewage)?-20 pts
9) Two way electricity would be generated aside from fossil fuels. What percentage of the
generated energy would come from these sources? Where would these sources be
located?-20 pts
10) How do people go from one place to another? Is it easy to walk? Do they need to drive?
Can they use public transportation and what kind?-15 pts
11) Incorporate (green spaces) into your city (parks, gardens, etc.). What is in these green
spaces? How big are these spaces?-20 pts
12) Include a works cited section-15 pts
13) At least 12 slides-10 pts
14) Neat, includes visuals-15 pts
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