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Targeted Project Report - Google Docs

Targeted Project Report - Google Docs
Searchin for th Targe
The first step approaching this project was to search targets for so that I can plan a product or a service to them. Many of
the topics were interesting and I choose three
topics and identified whether they are dependent
or independent or dependent. The target I chose
was students who were unhappy and single. The
people who are a couple are happy by 42.8%
chance but people who are single are happy by
35.2%. Also, the people who are a couple are
unhappy with 8.4% but people who are single are
unhappy with 13.6% which eventually showed
that being a couple is and being happy are
independent relationships. If I use P(A) vs P(A|B)
to identify whether this is independent or dependent, saying A is the happy students and B is Couple students, it will be P(A)
= 78%, P(A|B)= 83.6%. When P(A) and P(A|B) are not equal to each other, they are considered dependent. Then, I will use
P(A)*P(B) vs P(A and B), P(A)*P(B)= 0.78*0.512= 0.399… approximately 0.39936! And P(A and B)= 0.428. They are
independent because the difference is less than 3%. The first test result was dependent but the second one is barely
independent. I think the human’s psychology is random, some feel more loneliness than others, which makes this incident
both independent and dependent but I would like to think it is dependent. The reason why is that teenage is the time when
love prosper and all boys & girls desire to find a mate which also conveys the fact that the people without mate suffer,
observing those who have.
Reaso of th proble : Wh n GF/BF?
The reason why potential customers are important than the fact that they don’t have girlfriend….that’s what I thought. The
first thought that popped into my head when people who are alone tend to get a high level of stress compared to people who
have companions is that I can make a service that rent girlfriends so that they can go through the heart-pounding emotions
and stimulations by indirect experience but then I thought, the real solution may not be only just lending a girlfriend but
actually enhancing their ability to hook up girls. This led me to think, what is essential to hook up girls, or at least for who
were single all the time, to talk to girls? These are the factors that female students told me that they look when they are
dating a boy; positive mindset, sense of humor, tolerance (since girls want to make complaints to boyfriend and get
comforts), human personality, and honesty. Some people have those traits but some does not, which led me to make this
product. People who are unhappy tend to believe in superstition and amulet often. The product that I made will be marketed
as a lucky amulet that brings love which will easily attract potential customers.
Produc (LP: Lov pendan )
The product that I created as a final product is the Lp, acronym for the love pendant. The Pendant contains two parts; the
heart, which is the speaker and the hologram projector. Secondly, the key, which is the main chip that contains the A.I that
coaches wearer how to react in certain situations. For example, when the wearer is talking to a girl, the A.I gives hint what
the girl is interested in through hologram interface such as BTS and loads some search results about it and topics that the
boy can talk about with the girl. Not only that but also the when the wearer stands in front of the mirror before going out on a
date, it also advises the wearer what style he needs wear and the perfume that the wearer should get on. Also, when he is
getting a hair cut or setting his hair, it suggests the style and how to set the hair. The A.I also picks out humor points and
Jokes that the other person (Wearer’s possible companion) likes. It basically helps the wearer learn about the girl he wants
to talk to and suggests different ways he can do it, but it only gives a hint, not just giving the whole information since they
have to learn it. When the wearer starts dating a girl or a boy, they should remove the key portion, make it as a necklace and
present to the companion. That will shut down the A.I forever and the wearer would have learned how to hook up girls and
their self-confidence would have grown.