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Elsa’s Experiences
Throughout the well-known movie Frozen, we can see how Elsa, the main character exhibits
various qualities throughout the story that help us understand her mental processes and
behavior. Elsa and her sister grow up with special power but this power is not able to be
First of all, Elsa experiences a lot of stress while getting older after she accidently hurts her
sister from the special power that she once cherished so thankfully. But unfortunately, Elsa
responses to the stressor of a traumatic event in her life in a negative way by shutting herself
up for long periods of time. We can see that Elsa most probably has a Type A personality
because of the event that she faced and her inability to cope with the stress, and instead let out
her emotions even more.
The stress and the major life event that she faces can be detrimental to her life by leading to
heart stroke, cancer and various other diseases. As a result, as we learned in psychology class,
having social support is really important to be able to cope with the stress as a cope one can
help motivate you to be optimistic or help you get through the event. In the case of the movie,
Elsa isolates herself from the world, which makes her ability to organize her emotions difficult.
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Additionally, as Elsa locked herself in the room for an extended point of time as a result of the
encounter between her and her sister, this shows that Elsa could be suffering from depression.
This is because her mental thought processes affect her behavior by her willing to do anything
other than stay on the room for a long period of time which affects her daily activities, exercise,
and emotion throughout the story.
So it can be evident how Elsa possibly has depression which is the result of her isolation from
the modern world. As a result, her anti-social personality can also be visible as a result of how
she acts throughout the story.
All in all, I think I enjoyed writing about Elsa in this essay and hopw to be able to do it for a
character in the future too!