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Final report

1.1) Rationale for selecting the Report:
Through the internship in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, I tried to bridge the gap between the
theoretical knowledge and real life experience as part of Bachelor of Business Administration
(BBA) program. This Internship report has been designed to have a practical experience through
the theoretical understanding.
This Internship is essential for every student of Business Administration which helps the students
to know the real life situation of corporate life. That’s why; a student takes the Internship
program at the end of the BBA program as the requirement to Bachelors degree
1.2) Objectives
1.2.1) General Objectives:
The general objectives are to finish internship to complete BBA program, and to find out
actual practices of HR in corporate world.
1.2.2) Specific Objectives:
To create a path for a good career in the future.
To know how to work in professional line.
To learn the activities in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.
Working environment in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited.
1.3) Background
1.3.1) History:
In the surroundings of economic liberalization and financial sector reforms, a group of vastly
successful local entrepreneurs conceived an idea of floating Islamic banking system. For them, it
was competence, excellence and consistent delivery of reliable service with superior value
products based on ‘Islamic Shariah’. Lending money is the major part of a bank. The “Shahjalal
Islami Bank Limited” a Shariah Based Commercial Bank in Bangladesh was incorporated as a
public limited company as on 1st day of April 2001 under the Companies Act. 1994. The Bank
started its commercial operation on May 10, 2001. The Bank has made a significant progress
within a very short period of its existence and occupied an enviable position among its
competitors after achieving remarkable success in all areas of business operation. The authorized
capital of the Bank is Tk. 10,000 million and Paid up capital of the Bank stood at Tk. 7347
million as on 31 December 2017. The total equity (capital and reserves) of the Bank as on
December 31, 2017 stood at Tk. 7,747 million.
With a view to materialize the dream of the people of Bangladesh for doing their banking
transactions in line with what is prescribed by Islam, a group of highly successful entrepreneurs
conceived an idea of floating a commercial bank styled as “Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited”
which is named after the name of the renowned saint Hajrat Shahjalal (R) who dedicated his life
for the cause of peace in this world and hereafter and for the service of humanity. The sponsors
are reputed personalities in the field of trade & commerce, industry and finance. The Bank is
being managed by a group of highly experienced professionals with diversified experience in
finance and banking. The Management of the bank constantly looks after customers’ satisfaction
and believes that a satisfied customer is a great Ambassador. The Bank has already achieved
tremendous progress within only fifteen years. The bank has already ranked as one of the quality
service providers & is known for its reputation. It offers the full range of banking services for
personal and corporate customers, covering all segments of society within the framework of
Banking Company Act and rules and regulations laid down by our central bank.
All activities of the Bank including its products and services are mainly for different economic
groups of Bangladesh at home & abroad. Bangladeshi expatriates living abroad in different
countries form a strong economic group who contribute greatly towards the economic
development of the country.
1.3.2) Mission:
To provide quality services to customers.
To set high standards of integrity.
To make quality investment.
To ensure sustainable growth in business.
To ensure maximization of Shareholders' wealth.
To extend our customers innovative services acquiring state-of-the-art technology blended
with Islamic principles.
To ensure human resource development to meet the challenges of the time.
1.3.3) Vision:
Shahjalal islami banks vision is they would make finest corporate citizen. SJIBL dreams to
consumer and the corporate clients. They want to build such an image that whenever
people will think of a bank, they will think of Shahjalal Islami Bank. SJIBL has created a
cadre of young professionals (YP) in banking profession. This has helped boosting
productivity in the bank. All officers are now target driven and more focused on banking.
Human Resources Management Division provides training to the officers of the
bank to develop their knowledge base about banking activities through training Institute
of the Bank.
1.3.4) Objectives of SIJBL:
From time immemorial Banks principally did the functions of moneylenders or "Mohajans" but
the functions and scope of modern banking are now a days, very wide and different. They accept
deposits and lend money like their ancestors, nevertheless, their role as catalytic agent of
economic development encompassing wide range of services is very important. Business
commerce and industries in modern times cannot go without banks. There are people interested
to abide by the injunctions of religions in all sphere of life including economic activities. Human
being is value oriented and social science is not value-neutral. Shahjalal Islami Bank believes in
moral and material development simultaneously. "Interest" or "Usury" has not been appreciated
and accepted by "the Tawrat" of Prophet Moses, "the Bible" of Prophet Jesus and "the Quran" of
Hazrat Muhammad (sm). Efforts are there to do banking without interest. Shahjalal Islami Bank
Limited avoids "interest" in all its transactions and provides all available modern banking
services to its clients and wants to contribute in both moral and material development of human
being. No sustainable material well-being is possible without spiritual development of mankind.
Only material well-being should not be the objective of development. Socio-economic justice
and brotherhood can be implemented well in a God-fearing society.
The other objectives of Shahjalal Islami Bank include the followings:
To conduct interest-free and welfare oriented banking business based on Islamic Shariah.
To implement and materialize the economic and financial principles of Islam in the banking
To contribute in sustainable economic growth.
To help in poverty alleviation and employment generations.
To remain one of the best banks in Bangladesh in terms of profitability and assets quality.
To earn and maintain a 'Strong' CAMEL Rating.
To introduce fully automated systems through integration of information technology.
To ensure an adequate rate of return on investment.
To maintain adequate liquidity to meet maturing obligations and commitments.
To play a vital role in human development and employment generation.
To develop and retain a quality work force through an effective Human Resources
Management System.
To ensure optimum utilization of all available resources.
To pursue an effective system of management by ensuring compliance to ethical norms,
transparency and accountability at all levels.
1.3.5) Products & Services:Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited accepts deposits on the basis of Mudaraba in the following types
of accounts, and pays profit, like that of dividend in these accounts.
Customers’ deposit their fund in the following types of Accounts:
Mudaraba monthly Scheme.
Mudaraba Double Money.
Mudaraba Monthly Deposit.
Mudaraba Millionaire.
Mudaraba Haji Deposit.
Mudaraba Housing Deposit.
Mudaraba Small Business.
Mudaraba Cash waqf Deposit.
MudarabaLakhopoti Deposit.
MudarabaBibaho Deposit.
MudarabaMohor Deposit.
MudarabaShikka Deposit.
Mudaraba Special Term Deposit.
SJIBL School Banking.
Mudaraba Money Spining.
 Investment products, Corporate (Mode)
Hire Purchase under ShirkatulMeelk
Investment against LC
Investment against Scheme/Deposit
Investment Products (Retail)
Household Durable Scheme
Housing Investment Program
Car Investment Scheme
Investment for Self-employment
Investment Scheme for Executives
Investment Scheme for Doctors
Investment Scheme for Marriage
Investment Scheme for CNG Conversion
Investment Scheme for Overseas Employment
Investment Scheme for Education
 Investment Products (SME)
Small Business Investment Program
Small Entrepreneur Investment Program
Medium Entrepreneur Investment Program
Rural Investment Program
Women Entrepreneur Investment Scheme
 SJIBL Card
VISA Debit Card
VISA Prepaid Card (Local)
VISA Prepaid Card (International)
VISA Prepaid Card (Dual)
VISA Souvenir Card (Gift Card – Local)
 Computer services:-
Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited introduced a few schemes, which are very popular:
Online services
Automated Accounting
Integrated System
Signature Verification
Any Branch Banking
ATM Services
POS Services
SMS Push Pull Services
1.3.6) Hierarchy:
The management levels of Shahjalal Islami Bank are given below:
Managing Director
Deputy Managing
Director (DMD)
Senior Executive
Vice President
Executive Vice
President (EVP)
Senior Vice
President (SVP)
Vice President (VP)
Senior Assistant
Vice President
Assistant Vice
President (AVP)
First Assistant Vice
Junior Assistant Vice
Senior Executive
Officer (SEO)
Executive Officer
First Executive
Officer (FEO)
Junior Executive
Officer (JEO)
Assistant Executive
Officer (AEO)
Senior Officer (SO)
Junior Officer (JO)
Trainee Assistant
2.1) Work Related Activities
I have worked as an intern at Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited in Gulshan. This internship program
gave me the scopes to learn and get the understanding of banking works which will help me in
developing my future career. Through this I got chance to learn how bank works and experienced
the corporate world.
As it was the first day, my supervisor introduced me with everyone in the department. All were
very welcoming there. At first they taught me some basics of banking. They also showed me
how they work and where they work. They also talked about different challenges they face while
doing their regular activities. Because I was new I was not assigned any particular duty rather
they let me observe the whole situation and their activities. However, they have told me that
from the next day they will assign me different duties so that I can have some real life
 Recruitment Process:
I was working in the HR department of the organization. It was a new experience.
Shahjalal Islami Bank was recruiting people at that time. So, I was involved in some of
the recruitment related activities. The bank has its own recruitment portal. The applicants
can apply for the vacant positions using the job portal available on their official website.
So, my supervisor asked me to collect the data of the applicants. One of the officers at
first showed me how the process works, and then asked me to create folders for
applicants based on their major subjects, academic results and experiences. So, I
successfully prepared those folders for the applicants and submitted to the relevant
After listing the candidates for written test, my supervisor asked to me send email as well
as to call the short listed candidates. One of the employees of Shahjalal Islami Bank first
taught me what I would say to the applicants. Then I started calling them about the
recruitment. Then I also send emails to those applicants letting them know the details of
written test for the vacant positions of Shahjalal Islami Bank.
Figure: Recruiting process in SJIBL
After that my supervisor asked me to collect the data of the applicants again. This time, I had
to collect data of the applicants who had participated in the written test. So, I had to go
through the same process to find out who had participated in the written test. So, based on the
data, I had to prepare a data table and also a detailed report about the written test and the
candidates who had participated in the written test.
My supervisor then asked me to prepare a report on the candidates who were shortlisted for
the second stage of the selection process. After that, my supervisor gave me a list of the
shortlisted candidates, and told me to call them. I called all the shortlisted candidates to let
them know their time for interview.
Employment Type Description
All employee directly employed by SJIBL against a specific Head Count
irregular position.
Senior and mid level executive posts. Usually such employment is for not
more than 3 (three) years although it may be renewed for a further
designation of such appointment should be based on his previous salary
structure and designation held. However, Bank Management will decide
his appropriate designation, contract period and salary package. Board of
Directors is informed about such appointment/ renewal.
Appointed directly by HR, for a short period of time for a specific job.
Working less than eight hour a day. Hourly basis payment.
Interns are the persons who perform special assignment in any particular
field of Bank business as part of their academic course. Normally, upon
requests from educational institutions.
 Providing informations to customers:
During my internship program, I had a vital responsibility along with other duties and that was to
direct and help the customers when they were facing any problem or had any query. Almost
every day, I had the responsibility to assist customers when they were unsure regarding which
legal documents they would need to open an account or which savings account would be best
suited for them in terms of their deposits, age, etc. or what would they have to do to change their
mailing address, signature change, enrolling for push-pull sms and internet banking, account
closing, DPS information, issuing cheque book etc.
 Transferring Activity:
In the HR I also had to involve in employee transfer related work as well. Bangladesh Bank
issued a rule to transfer employees of all banks after three years. There are also some employees
in the company who applied for transfer to another department or branch. So according to my
supervisors instructions I had to make a list of them as well. The list contained with the name,
position and employee code, duration in the position and preferred branch or department for the
transfer if mentioned. There was part for mentioning the reason for transfer as well and submit it
to my supervisor.
2.2) Other Relevant Activities
 Printings:
I also have done some work that I don’t have to do it as an intern. I had to do a lot of printings
for my supervisor. It was time consuming work because there was shortage of printers. I had to
wait my turn for printing time to time. I also had to go to the storage area to get some old files
for my coworkers as well.
 Assisting clearing Section:
I also worked at clearing department for a month. My main duties was to receive cheques of
other branches, placing clearance seals on cheques and transfer those cheques to the clearance
department and then later under the supervision of an officer, checks if there is any mistake or
not and then signs the cheques, scans them and to put them in order.
 Sorting forms:
I have sorted out forms according to their types and serial them from oldest to latest.
 Issuing thanks letters:
ShahJalal Islami bank verifies applicant address by sending a letter at applicants address. For all
the accounts opened with SJIBL, it is a procedure that is utilized to verify the address of the
account opening customer and that is done by sending a formal greeting message called “thanks
letter”. The customer service officers issue a thanks letter against the address of the customers
and then I had the obligation to opportunely enclose the letter and make corresponding entries on
the outward mail register for each letter and then I had to distribute those to the Dispatch section
which deals with distributing the letter to the respective addresses printed on each letter.
3.1) Observation in the organization:
Observation in the organization:
Problems and challenges identified in the in SIBL highlighted below:
3.1.1) My perspective:
 Because of work pressure most of the employees was unable to cooperate with me. It was a
problem for me because sometimes if I had to understand anything from them I had to wait
long time for them to be free.
 Due to day operational activities there is a little scope for proper monitoring.
 Sometimes it has become burden for the officers to maintain the rules and regulations
Imposed by the central bank.
 While filling up account opening forms for the new clients, I have observed that there was
lack of information about the clients.
 There is no separate desk for interns to work on. So I had to change and find places to work.
 As my supervisor was very supportive towards me and showed appreciation towards my
work it gave me a sense of gratitude, so I think employee appreciation plays a vital part in
performance of an employee.
 Not enough printers to work with. Most of the time I had to wait in line for printing any
 Because, I am in internship in this organization and not a regular employee, some of the
seniors didn’t take me seriously. In my point of view & due respect, some of the senior give
less priority to my work. It was a lot of stress to complete this report after doing work all at
the office.
 Limited period of time is one of the problems in this internship. The time period was very
short to understand the overall whole operation of HR.
 My major was Human Resource Management and I had to work in General Banking
department as well. Since this department was pretty much different from my line of
education I faced some difficulties.
 Sometimes I failed to provide sufficient information to customers because I’m not a regular
employee of this organization. I don’t know the detailed information of this organization.
 Confidence is an important issue, but as an intern in this organization, I lacked this quality.
3.1.2) Organization’s perspective:
 There are shortages of employees in the general banking department. There are not sufficient
employees for the amount of work pressure in the department.
 Work environment plays an important role for the sustainable future of an organization.
 The Bank has no segmentation to handle different type of customers. They are equally
treating of all the customers to provide service. But high status clients seek on extra honor
from Bank or institution.
 Customer's all complains are related with lengthiness and time consuming of tasks, but
management not taking initial steps to handle this complaints which results customer
 Distribution or channels play a major role in marketing and inconvenient places or locations
make customers unhappy. There are not enough parking spaces outside most of the branches
of the bank for which many customers who have cars are unhappy with this.
 For recent banks liquidity crisis and bank bad debt scams SIBL don’t providing loan on easy
term for which clients are not receiving their expected services easily.
 There are various types of new products and software being developed for the welfare of the
customers in SIBL, but unfortunately the service delivery procedure is not that very effective.
 Slow internet connection often creates problems because the local broad band connection
they use is not always speedy to perform tasks effectively.
3.1.3) Actions to be taken for Improvement:
In my short span of internship program, I have gained practical experiences about marketing
activities. I have taken some actions:
 I always took advice from my mentor
 I learned to be more flexible in working time
 I learned how to share some innovative ideas to Hr department about recruiting, sorting out
 I learned to give respect to my seniors
 I always gather knowledge from my seniors.
3.2. Academic Preparation
Having Human Resource Management background I was able to perform tasks efficiently and
properly. I am glad that I got the opportunity to work in HR section. So far in our courses, we
had only taught about the theoretical perspective of different HR terms, but with this internship I
got the opportunity to get involve in some of the HR related work at Shahjalal Islami Bank.There
are some similarities that I have found.
3.2.1) Similarities with my academic preparation during my internship in the
departments I worked for:
 In our course “Human Resource Management” and “Selection and Staffing” we were
taught how to recruit employees academically, but in this organization I got a practical
 The assignments that I have done with software during my BBA helped me to do my task
during this internship period. I have learnt to use this software efficiently during “Computer
Fundamentals” and “Computing and Business Application” courses.
 In my BBA I have done a lot of group assignments and term papers which helped me to work
with my coworkers and create good relationship with them.
 It is extremely important that the customers of Bank interact with employees and vice-versa,
to get feedback on what customers want. In turn the employees of the bank need to highlight
these problems or issues to the managers. The effective communication between consumers,
employees and managers to provide customers with appropriate service was all taught in the
Business Communication course.
 Planning is one of the essential tasks in Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. Which I have learned
about in my Planning and Forecasting course.
3.2.2) Dissimilarities with my academic preparation:
I found most of the activities of SIBL are matched with either academic preparation or general
knowledge. But there are some dissimilarities such as:
 Employees are not customer friendly but in my academic courses like “Organizational
behavior” And “Principles of marketing” I learnt that customers should satisfy whatever it
takes and they should get information accurately.
 In “Labor Law of Bangladesh” I learned that employees can’t force to sign any type of
work agreement with management. But here I found some employees who had to sign in job
agreement letter before joining.
 In my “Principles of marketing” I learned that one can make more sales and build customer
trust advertising through electronic media like television. But in the organization I
experienced that they give more importance bulletin boards and telemarketing.
 In my “Management information system” and “Accounting information system” courses
I learned that one organization should work through enterprise software to efficiently manage
the organization. But in the company I experienced that they don’t maintain any formal
software to manage the organization which seems so backdated to me.
 In ‘Human Resource Information System’ I learned a growing number of employees
across different regions; efficient HR management is becoming a significant challenge. As
such, technology driven solutions are the need of the moment to bring in place more robust
processes to increase efficiency, maximize productivity and ensure precision and security.
But in SIBL’s HR Department there was no HR management software.
3.3) Missing Knowledge
During my internship period everything I have experienced was all practical. But in my
university life most of the knowledge and experiences I have gathered was academically. I had
very little practical knowledge. In our courses we didn’t have enough workshop or study tours
about how to deal with the job applicants and customers or to cooperate with them. I didn’t have
proper knowledge about the corporate culture as well. For these I suffered a lot during my
internship program.
4.1) Lessons learned from the organization:
In order to fulfill the requirement of the internship program I chose SIBL for my internship
program that has helped a student like me to get the relation with the education life with the
practical service life. I have gathered huge experience to compare my theoretical knowledge in to
practical implication. I came to know the process of HR department practically, how to work in a
team, how to work under pressure, how to give better services to the customer, how to make a
good relation with the customer & finally how to make the customer satisfaction about the
4.2) Lessons learned from AIUB's Internship Program:
As a partial requirement of BBA program, American International University Bangladesh
(AIUB) allot Internship program for student. This is the bridge basically to take me over to the
corporate world and working environment which brings enormous opportunity to get acquainted
with the actual scenario of work life and job responsibility. It is also very effective way to gather
practical knowledge through real life experiences. In this internship period I have got the
opportunity to meet various kinds of professional people. It’s a big experience to know about an
organization; overall activities, and activities of specific department and so on.
4.2.1) Learning Points:
During the internship period in SIBL, I have learnt lots of things. These following things I
learned from my internship program:
 Learning more about the recruitment process:
I was involved in recruitment related activities for most of the time during my internship period.
By getting involved in the recruitment process, I got the opportunity to learn about different
stages followed in the recruitment process. I also got the experience of dealing with candidates. I
also got the idea about the interview process as well.
 Learning and improve of people skill:
In the bank I not only interacted with my department but I also interacted with the people of
other sections as well. I got to learn many things about corporate life that cannot be taught with
academic theories. Although it took me a little bit time to get along with everyone but as time
passed by I got along with all of them. I also interacted with candidates for the recruitment
purpose. All these helped me to develop my people or social skill during my internship period.
 Personal development:
During my internship at Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, I got different opportunities for training
myself. Besides acquiring technical knowledge, I got the opportunity to learn real life lessons
that are never taught in the theories in our undergraduate programs. I also learnt to keep patience
in every single work.
 Work in larger group :
During my undergraduate courses, I used to work in a team of 3-6 persons but after coming to
Shahjalal Islami Bank, I learnt to work and communicate with large number of people at a time.
 Difference between fake and real money:
During my internship in the Shahjalal Islami Bank I got to learn very interesting thing about
difference between real and fake money. Although the bank has machines for this work but they
also taught me how to identify money without the machines as well.
 Learning Organizational Culture:
Like every organization this organization has their own culture as well. Before starting internship
I didn’t had any idea about corporate culture. Within a very few days I successfully cope up their
 Customer Satisfaction:
Customer satisfaction is a major issue in a service orientated business because if the customers
are not satisfied with the service the business cannot prosper.
 Time Management:
In the bank everything is done in time. During this internship period I have learned to manage
my time.
 Communicate with general people:
During the internship I’ve learnt how to communicate with the clients of Shahjalal Islami Bank.
 Account Opening:
During my internship I got to learn how to open an account and what are the requirements to
open an account.
 Experience:
I have achieved a big experience from my internship program. This experience leads me to the
path on my career. If I get job in any bank in future, this work will help me.
5.1) Summary
This experience of internship at Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited will inspire me in my future
career life. From the practical implementation of HR process & customer dealing procedure
during the whole period of my practical orientation in Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd, I have reached
a firm and concrete conclusion in a very confident way. I believe that my realization will be in
harmony with most of the banking thinkers. Every bank has to survive amid a large number of
banks including local and foreign. That’s why to keep with expected profit margin of the time
being and for the future every bank should try heart and soul to please the customers in a smart
and trusty way. But quit regretful to mention that most of our bank face decreasing profit trend
due to switch over of their present customers to those foreign with higher customer service
facilities. So, timely decision for introducing sophisticated banking instruments should be taken
as early as possible. After taking effective measures regarding efficient employees and
instruments, Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited can reach the pinnacle of success with high profit
and productivity. As a new bank it should be strong in financial side because there is too much
competition and new banks are growing up. If Shahjalal Bank adopts professionalism within the
framework of Shariah, they will be able to earn handsome “Halal” profit and pay higher return to
the depositors and share holders. Ultimately, public will get more confidence on this type of
5.2) Suggestions
After gathering my experience I would like to give some suggestions:
 Suggestions for Organization:
The branch should be more technologically rich than present time. Then all manual tasks
will be converted into computerized system.
Employees of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited should be more cooperative with their
One of the business strategies is promotion. Successful business depends on how they can
promote their products or services to the customer. In this connection to improve the
business status bank should introduce more promotional programs.
Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited should increase their printer machines.
Each and every branch should establish an information cell with one/two dump smart
executives who will be able to provide all sort of information regarding banking and
respective branch.
The organization should provide working space for the interns.
As the clients are not familiar with introducing system, if possible the rule of introducing
to open an account should be changed. Because many face in problem to arrange an
introducer at the time of opening accounts.
Employees of the branch should be trained up how to handle different type of customers.
The training should not limit only GB, Credit, and Foreign exchange etc.
The employees are given deposit target, which creates extra pressure to them for that
reason they cannot freely provide customer service. They had to spend most of their time
to marketing to fill up their target. If the bank can reduce the pressure then they could be
able to provide good service.
SJIBL Bank should increase their performance by engaging efficient decision maker in
the managerial level and by conducting training programs more frequently
The bank should increase manpower in their General Banking department.
Proper decision should be taken for banking sector which should not be changed rapidly.
World Bank's prescription for banking reform programmed should be analysis before
SJIBL should develop there investment monitoring department. Because the default rate
of investment is very high in the bank.
Bank should collect proper documents from their new clients for opening new account.
In this global world online system much more needed in every organization. The bank
may implement the modern online banking for meet-up the current modern banking
 Suggestions for AIUB:
AIUB can manage internship for all students that make more engagement with the student.
Business trips on various organizations can be arranged for Business students, it is not
manageable to take all the students at a time but trip for once in the whole BBA program is
More laboratories of computers are required to open, so that Business students can be more
familiar with application of business softwares.
Aiub should organize more business competition which will help students in corporate sector
interview and assessment process.
AIUB should take funds from students for opening Research Facility on Business, so that
students can perform various researches on business sectors of Bangladesh.
A webpage under AIUB's website can be opened so that future interns can get ideas about
internship program regarding activities of internees in various organizations and placement
of internees in various organizations.
It will be a very good thing if the university change their curriculum and add more practical
activities to it.
AIUB should teach more about how to deal with job applicants and customers with more
Arrange more study tours for the students to gain proper knowledge about the corporate
Farida Yesmin, Assistant Executive Officer (2018), ShahjalalIslami bank ltd. (Gulshan)
(Personal interview)
Web References:
ShahjalalIslami Bank. (n.d.). Retrieved from <https://www.sjiblbd.com/>[ March 25, 18 ]
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