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Why Managed Detection and Response Is More Important Now Than Ever

Why Managed Detection
And Response
Is More Important Now Than Ever
May 2019
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Technology is constantly evolving, and so is its relevance. In today’s world, it’s increasingly
difficult to imagine a day without technology. Just think of the number of times that you rely
on new age technologies for each activity. Everyone, even the self-proclaimed analogue
dinosaur, depends on internet, mobile and data flow in some way or the other.
We know, a user defines how a tool behaves. The internet as a tool has its shades of grey too.
This extent and dependence on internet and exponential data thus generated has spawned
an almost organised ways of cybercrimes that try and exploit the data flow by hook or by
crook. Cybercriminals are targeting information technology systems that are simply not wellprotected from intrusion attacks. The fact that people are so reliant on technology makes it
prone to malevolent intent and actions. This is where Managed Detection Response (MDR)
comes in.
MDR is an organised defence and neutralising system, that not only protects in case of attacks
but also actively projects and pursues intended or unintended activities that is detrimental to
the intended flow of data. A le James bond!
Like technology, MDR continues to evolve with increasing sophistication in hacking. And the
nature of MDR too evolves, beyond prevention, protection, and now, attack to protect before
it happens.
As at stake in not mere data, but a data that is intellectual property, financial ownership,
private and biometric data, navigation and defence details. Imagine, in the wrong hands the
havoc it can portend. Loss of time, money and reputation, even human lives to the
catastrophic proportions. Cybercriminals target networks and websites with weaker security.
Obviously! The stolen data and information are worth much in the shadier undergrounds. It’s
an ongoing crime and has quickly become a familiar scenario to many enterprises.
This is why MDR is so important in our society today. MDR is not a new concept; it has been
around for a long time. The main goal of Managed Detection and Response is to ensure that
cybercrimes and data loss is prevented. It’s not enough to arrest and prosecute after the
crime is committed. The crime needs to be stopped before it actually happens.
How can MDR help with this cause? With this program in play, your organization can fully
understand the IT environment in which it operates. This will provide you with some
important advantages that can help prevent hacking and misuse.
First, to detect cybersecurity threats, deployed MDR system performs a series of functions
including analysing the types of risks that your organization may be exposed to. This can
enable you to determine exactly what the most critical threats are. Using MDR, companies
are able to gauge which threats are more serious. This allows you to take preemptive steps
to close those doors to cyber thieves. Preventing just one attack can save millions of dollars’
worth of data.
By making the organization aware of the threats they face, MDR makes threat detection
simpler. Since MDR enhances threat analysis, your business can fully understand exactly
which cybersecurity threats you face. Imagine being able to act before a breach occurs. You
can act today and avoid a nightmare tomorrow. With MDR, your company can quickly assess
its level of security and act right away.
MDR enhances the capabilities of organizations that use it to respond to cybersecurity
threats. Preparation is everything when dealing with hackers and cyber thieves. Your
organization needs to be prepared for every type of threat, from ransomware and hacking to
data leaks. Having greater knowledge of those threats that pose the biggest risk helps you to
respond with more precision. Anticipate threats before they happen. Define those weaker
areas and eliminate them.
An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, they say. This holds true especially
when millions of dollars are at stake. The impact of cybersecurity in our world today is farreaching. Every year, cyber breaches cost businesses millions of dollars. They damage your
reputation and slow your forward progress. With MDR, threat prevention becomes your
greatest ally. Proactive security monitoring can apply proven rules to your security system,
thus offering a new level of breach management.
Many business owners feel frustrated by the sheer number of cyber breaches occurring each
day. MDR allows you to take back control of your data security. It’s a reliable system that
focuses on one thing: preventing data breaches from occurring, whether intentional or
unintentional, whether from inside the organisation or from outside the organisation.
The threat of cyber-attacks is ever looming. Thieves are constantly finding new ways to get
through any crack or hole in your security system. And, their methods are getting more and
more sophisticated as the days go by. The whole cyber security industry evolves at such a fast
pace that most business owners are unable to keep up with it. This fact leaves you at a distinct
disadvantage. Better leave it to the experts, who can work as you’re sophisticated and
updated detect, protect and thwart agency.
Though the intricacies of MDR may be somewhat complex, it is important to remember the
advantages of this system. With MDR in place, you can avoid being the next victim and sleep
much better at night. For business owners, peace of mind is priceless. You can focus on
running your company once again and take pride in your accomplishments.
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