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News Elements
Who: Zoo Miami
What: Hurricane Irma evacuation
When: Early Saturday morning
Where: Miami, Florida
Why: The safety of the animals
News Values
Newness- the evacuation took 12 seconds.
Timeliness- Saturday morning
Prominence- Zoo Miami
Conflict- safety of the animals.
Impact- animals are relocated.
Magnitude- the number of animals that had to be
relocated (100 dogs, five dolphins, etc.)
How: Relocating the animals to temporary
foster homes or reinforced buildings in areas
not affected by the hurricane.
Lead Type with Definition
Example Lead
Summary- Extremely common; summarizes
the most important information for the news
Zoo Miami successfully relocated all their animals
in preparation for Hurricane Irma Saturday
morning. In only 12 seconds, hundreds of animals
were placed in temporary living conditions to await
the end of the hurricane.
Question- The lead starts with a question.
What would you do with hundreds of animals in
danger during a hurricane warning? Zoo Miami
quickly had to relocate their animals to safety for
Hurricane Irma Saturday morning.
Quote- The lead begins with a quotation.
“Obviously, everything can’t be hurricane proof.”
That’s how Brian Dowling, the general curator at
Lion County Safari, described their facilities while
preparing for the threat of Hurricane Irma. The
animal population in Zoo Miami was successfully
relocated Saturday morning to temporary foster
homes for safety.