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Tasks Performed
Week 1, April 14-20, 2016
I started my very first day of training with a big smile and excitement. It was
Thursday. Since it was my first day, I only had my orientation. I was first oriented by Mr.
Lauro R. Norbe, Security Guard OIC and later on by Mr. Benedict M. Ferrer, Human
Resources Manager. I was told of almost 30 rules that I needed to follow or else I’m
going to be dismissed immediately. There’s only one who was also assigned to the
Graphics or Sales and Marketing Department. She’s Juvy Anne B. Arias and is currently
my classmate. I was a little terrified because I had no any hint on who I am going to be
working with. I was thinking on what my superior would look like and what his/her
preference when it comes to trainees but when I get to meet him, I told myself that he is a
nice person. His name is Lester Gene J. Bercasio, the newly-hired Graphic Artist and he’s
the one that will be our superior for the entire training days. My first task was pretty easy
because I only had to make meal stabs for the guests. He then asked me to just call him
Sir Ack and I did. The day continued without any problem.
The following days were just fine. April 15, I got to design one of the Summer
Advertisement that was evaluated by Ms. May Anne Madeo, Sales and Marketing
Manager. It was good but she picked the work of Sir Ack. I helped him in making meal
stabs for the guests. I even reviewed the CCTV footages. In addition, he would usually
request me to help him in troubleshooting the Point of Sale System.
Sometimes, he would ask me to help him in making Privilege Cards and company
flyers. There was a time when I also took pictures for the new advertisements. It was on
April 18 when I took some pictures of Philippine Bobbin Corporation’s 25th Anniversary
for event report and advertisement purposes as well. The next day was a little tiring
because several trainees including me were temporarily assigned by Ms. Madeo at the
kitchen because of the lack of staff. I just endured the blazing heat and dirt. Finally, I
enjoyed my day off on April 20 which was supposedly every Tuesdays but Sir Ack
requested to change it just for the mean time.
Week 2, April 21-26, 2016
On my second week, I got exhausted and felt like my body is about to break into
pieces. This is due to the travel time. Basically, I was doing an 8-hour work per day but
decided to work overtime for me to finish the training earlier. This week, I labeled the
21, 450 meal stubs for DepEd Cavite for their 5-day staycation. My workload is pretty
lessened because it was divided into three and I only did what I can for the day and
finally on April 25, I have finished doing it. After that, I helped in making Oasis Calling
Cards and fortunately was able to enjoy my day off on April 26, Tuesday.
Week 3, June 27-May 3, 2016
On my third week, I was tasked to design a Mother’s Day Special Promo
Advertisement to be posted on Facebook and to be printed on a tarpaulin. Again, my
design wasn’t chosen. The next days, I helped in making 355 sets of meal stubs for
Philippine Toie Corporation event that was held on April 30 and another 35 sets for the
Internet of Things Event. The following day, April 29, I fixed the Wi-Fi Issue of the Job
Order Coordinator’s laptop. It seemed that he might have pressed the Wi-Fi button
unconsciously. There are 2 days when I was assigned at the pool entrance to
accommodate new customers. I only had to ask them out on what they prefer and get
their payment. We used a simple program that can calculate the exact price of the
customer bills and it is also used to save transactions made between customers and
cashiers. On April 30, I was assigned to cater to the needs of the members of Internet of
Things and those who are involved in the Partnership with Native Americans event. The
next day, I tried to fix the laptop of Ms. Anne Barbuco, Senior Inventory Officer but I
couldn’t. It seems that her HDD is corrupted.
Week 4, May 4-8, 2016
This is my fourth and last week of training and there were so many things that
happened. I designed two (2) t-shirt layouts but I forgot to submit it to Sir Ack for
evaluation. I just thought of making new layout since the former t-shirt designs were kind
of monotonous and unprofessional for my point of view. Well, I just focused in making
the DSC-DSAA monitor signage since Sir Ack left the office to get the tarpaulin he
ordered yesterday and I’m the one that was asked to finish that signage. I also became
like a DJ. I played the songs the customers requested. Tomorrow morning, May 6, I made
ten (10) Certificate of Appearance for those who participated in DOH’s Implementation
Review on National Immunization Program and First Quarter Meeting that was held at
Sahara A and B. When Sir Ack came, we did what Ms. Larry Franco told us to do and
that was to measure the sides, edges, doors, windows, ceilings and wall frames of Sahara
A and B. On May 7, we were told to wear corporate uniforms. While on May 8, our very
last day, I taught Mr. Benedict Ferrer on how to use Adobe Photoshop. I really had so
much fun being with them. I learned new things, not just only about graphics but also I
learned how to be more humane.
Observed Strengths and Weaknesses of the Training Area
On the strong side, it has many strict rules and regulations to be followed so the
discipline among the staff is very evident. They also treat their on-the-job trainees just
like real staff so OJT’s feel more motivated to perform the tasks professionally. Also,
because of the strict implementation of the Rules and Regulations, the trainees really took
the time to increase their level of awareness regarding the standard operating procedures
of the company. One of the features of the Hotel facilities is the multiple systems
installed within the company such as one (1) Rover Security System H.264 Real Time
Digital Video Recorder Device with one (1) terabyte memory storage, three (3) Arrow
Security System Device. Each is equipped with one (1) terabyte memory storage.
Moreover, they also conduct interviews and survey to gather information on how they
can improve their customer service. Furthermore, they are also very systematic in
monitoring the vacancy of the cottages.
While on the weak side, the employees’ salary is insufficient to support their needs.
My training really went well and I got the chance to know a lot of new individuals
which helped me develop my social skills as well as in nurturing my talent in graphic
designing. I have learned to be more independent and to value time more than ever.
Problems Encountered
During the training, I have encountered several problems that affected my
performance. Examples are lost of internet connection, force close or crashing of Adobe
Photoshop, temporary assignment to different department aside from Graphics and Sales,
intimidation caused by other superiors with matching humiliating statements, and
monotonous tasks. It bothered me a lot back then but I managed to take care of all that. I
just needed a little drop of confidence and perseverance to overcome it.
Suggestion for Improvement
I would suggest that Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort upgrade the graphic artist’s
computer unit so that the tasks can be done efficiently and on time. Also, regarding their
ticketing system, they should randomize the armband color so that the customers will not
be able to have an idea of its schedule of use.
The trainee was assigned in the Graphics/Sales and Marketing Department of
Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort. Mr. Jomer Hetiayon helped him and was accommodated
as a trainee eventually by Mr. Benedict M. Ferrer after a few days.
During the entire 4 weeks of training, he was given a lot of tasks that measured
his patience and creativity as well as the passion for working better. He used Adobe
Photoshop CC 2014 for the whole designing process and was able to do his job
excellently without too much pressure. He also managed to enhance his typing skills
more efficiently and effectively. Thus, earning him more points and a higher chance of
getting employed.
Furthermore, by being exposed to different working situations, the trainee learned
to be more adaptive to his surroundings as well as being more responsible in whatever he
intends to do. He began to love the value of hard work and its fruit. He has gained
knowledge and contributed to the betterment of the society he is currently in. He now
even appreciates more the importance of time and realized the consequences of wasting
it. He realized that the real world doesn’t need weak people depending on others. It seeks
for fierce workers who are far more deserving to get employed.
The overall training has been quite a lesson to be treasured. Good experiences
lead to happiness but bad experiences teach more of what can be done to prevent
repetition. Just like in a job, you have to do right away those tasks you were asked so that
you can focus on other things. He had realized that the real world is not a playground
anymore but a battlefield that seeks blood and sweat in order to be successful.
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