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Statistics topic and ideas

Increasing Obesity Rates
in the United States
My ISU will be on the increasing rates of obesity in The United States and reasons for
its increase. It will also include the significant medical problems and how to prevent this
from happening.
In my presentation I will go over what obesity is and why it is important to monitor it. I
will also go over the reasons why it has been increasing and give a comparison over
some recent years. I will also go over how the internet has made things easier to access
and how that plays a direct roles in the increasing obesity rates. My presentation will
also include the possible conditions as a result of this such as Diabetes and other
medical conditions
The statistics I will use are graphs and tables from statistics from a site called the state
of obesity suffering from obesity and compare it with past results from as far back as
1999. I will also use the graphs that indicate the decrease in exercise in each of the
states and provide multiple graphs from the same site to prove this. I will include the
increasing number of delivery services and usage, such as Uber Eats and
Skipthedishes starting from when they were created, and why they affect these
These statistics are important because if people aren't moving and being active it
drastically affects our health both mentally and physically. With the increase in obesity
more medical problems have been on the rise and the fact that more people have been
becoming obese these problems will become more relevant.
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