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jaida standberry sociology essay

Jaida Standberry
Professor Cannon Jr
Sociology 1101
01 March 2019
Analytical Assignment
When it comes to first impression and first looks people would project that I am a person
who is a nice and pretty girl, but at the same time would say that I am what they would call
“bougie”. But when they get to know me as a person they have an different impression and they
realize that you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know them. “Never judge a book by its
cover” a well-famous quote meaning people prejudge the worth or value in something or
someone by its outward appearance. In our society we tend to judge people just because they are
different or unique in their own way and doesn’t feel like they have too fit in to be normal.
Although, as a group of different nationalities and ethnicities we worry about our appearance a
lot and how people will “think of me” or “think of us”. As I was growing up people would try to
bully me when I was in middle school because they thought I was smaller than them, thought I
was too nice, too weird and they could intimidate me. At first, I didn’t pay attention to those
types of people because they just wanted to feel better about themselves by putting other people
down. I’m a lot different from my mother and sister, I’m the nice one out of the bunch of us and
people would always tend to try and run over on me instead of them and I didn’t like it. So, while
growing up I started to take a different approach, I realized that sometimes being quiet, not
paying attention and being too nice is not enough. No matter what people say or do to you
always stick up for yourself and never let anyone run over you, that’s what I had to do. The
situation with being called stuck up or having a bad attitude came from the experience that I had
with being too nice and having people think they can take advantage or you. I didn’t want people
to think I was a mean person, but I also wanted them to know that I was not a pushover.
Basically, that’s what my generation does to people, they want to change them and make other
people be like them. When its constantly happening you start to think how your acting is normal
and your realizing that you’re not yourself, you’re a sculpture of what people made you become.
Eventually, I went back to that nice and weird person that I was back in middle school because I
didn’t want what people thought of me to change myself. Although I still kept that small attitude
under my sleeve just in case.
My high school years were much different than middle school, I was more comfortable and
confident in my skin. I learned to except myself and the way talked, looked, and acted. I started
to love myself and my confidence pushed me into acting and modeling. In reference to George
Herbert Mead theory he argued that the self, which is the part of a person personality consisting
of self-awareness and self-image, is a product of social experience. When I started to grow up
and started to develop, people would start looking at me as a model and started saying I should
consider modeling. At first, my career choice wasn’t modeling it was much more of acting but
modeling was always something that I thought was interesting so I took their advice. I started
doing fashion shows, photoshoots, and really building my experience and I’m glad that I did
because modeling is the best thing that happened to me and I will become a supermodel.
In conclusion Meads theory is too show how people develop over time with other people
personalities and opinions on you. At the end of the day love yourself for who you are, it’s okay
to grow up and become mature but don’t let society change you because of other people. “The
beauty of face is not a separate quality but relation or proportion of qualities to each other”
(Mead 1863).