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DNA Construction- Kinex Questions

DNA Construction- Kinex Sets
1. What does DNA stand for? _______________________________
2. Where in a Eukaryotic Cell will DNA be located? ______________
3. Locate a nucleotide and remove it from your double helix ______
(must be initialed by Mrs. G or Peer Coach)
4. How many components (parts) are in your nucleotide? ______
5. What are the components of a nucleotide?
a. ___________________________
b. ___________________________
c. ___________________________
6. What holds the nitrogen bases together? ____________________
7. How many nucleotides are in your model? _______
8. How many cytosines? _______ What color were they? _________
9. How many guanines? _______ What color were they? _________
10.Why are those numbers equal?
11.How many adenines? _______ What color were they? _________
12.How many thymines? _______ What color were they? _________
13.Why are those numbers equal?
14.What is the complement to A T G G C T A C G T T A G C C
DNA Construction- Kinex Sets
Sketch and Label 4 steps of DNA
You must label:
Deoxyribose Sugar
Hydrogen bonds