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UPS Trademark
Guidelines in the U.S.
September 2014
Published by UPS Brand Management. ©2014 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. UPS, the UPS brandmark and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.
UPS Trademark Guidelines in the U.S.
The following is a list of U.S. UPS trademarks along
with their appropriate notice symbols. These trademarks must always be displayed as shown, and must
never be abbreviated or changed in any way.
The Trademarks (“Marks”) described below are
registered in the U.S. The Marks described below may
not be registered outside of the U.S. and should be
used only for U.S. matters. In addition, the Marks
are registered for specific goods and/or services,
primarily transportation services. If the Marks will be
used outside of the U.S. or if the goods or services
offered under the Marks are to be expanded beyond
transportation, please consult the UPS Corporate Legal
Department to determine if the Marks can be used in
the particular country or countries and/or with the
particular goods or services.
• 1-800-PICK-UPS®
• Autogistics®
• Big Brown®
• Big Brown Truck®
• Big Or Small We Ship It All®
• Brown®
• CargoEdge®
• C.O.D. Automatic®
• C.O.D. Direct®
• C.O.D. Secure®
• Committed to More™
• Compass®
• ConnectShip®
• DIAD Venturer®
• Early A.M.®
• Flex®
• Impower®
• UPS Access Point™
• iShip
• UPS Air Cargo®
• It's A Patient, Not A Package.®
• UPS Air Freight Consolidated®
• Kiala™
• UPS Air Freight Direct®
• Mail Boxes Etc.®
• UPS Authorized Return Service®
• Mail Boxes Etc. Certified Packing Experts®
• UPS BorderReady®
• MBE®
• UPS Brand Exchange®
• My UPS.com®
• UPS Broker of Choice®
• Pack & Ship Promise®
• UPS Business Monitor®
• Quantum View®
• UPS CampusShip®
• Quantum View Manage®
• UPS Capital®
• Quantum View Notify®
• UPS Capital Business Credit®
• SampleSure®
• UPS Capital Cargo Finance®
• ShipExec®
• UPS Capital® Connect
• Signature Tracking®
• UPS Capital Elite Program™
• Synchronizing the World of Commerce
• UPS Capital Jeweler's Elite Program®
• The UPS Store®
• UPS Capital® Merchants Service
• The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts®
• UPS® Customer Collaboration Tool
• Trackpad®
• UPS C.O.D. Secure®
• UPS Complete View®
• United As One Making A Difference®
• UPS CrossBorder Connect®
• United Parcel Service®
• UPS Cube Rate Calculator®
• UPS®
• UPS Delivery Intercept®
• ups.com®
• UPS Delivery Link®
• UPS 10 KG Box®
• UPS Expedited™
• UPS 25 KG Box
• UPS Express®
• UPS 2nd Day Air®
• UPS Express Critical®
• UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.®
• UPS Express® Freight
• UPS 3 Day Freight®
• UPS Freight®
• UPS 3 Day Select®
• UPS Freight® LTL
UPS Trademark Guidelines in the U.S.
• UPS Freight Over The Road®
• UPS Returns® Plus
• World Ease®
• UPS FTZ Facilitator®
• UPS Road Code®
• Worldport®
• UPS® Ground
• UPS Shopping Companion™
• WorldShip®
• UPS Hundredweight Service®
• UPS Smart Label®
• UPS Import Control®
• UPS Smart Pickup®
Brand Usage Request Process
• UPS InfoNotice
• UPS Standard
Customers, sponsored organizations, or other third
parties can request use of UPS logos, photos, and
other assets through the Brand Requests section
on UPS Brand Exchange® (upsbrandexchange.com).
• UPS Inside Precision
• UPS Supply Chain Solutions
• UPS Integrad
• UPS SurePost®
• UPS Mail Innovations®
• UPS Temperature True®
• UPS Mail Logic®
• UPS Temperature True® Packaging
• UPS Mobile™
• UPS Temperature True® Plus
• UPS My Choice®
• UPS Temperature True® Saver
• UPS Next Day Air®
• UPS Temperature True® Standard
• UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.®
• UPS Trackpad®
• UPS Next Day Air Saver®
• UPS Trade Direct®
• UPS On-Call Pickup®
• UPS TradeAbility®
• UPS Order To Cash®
• UPS TradeSense®
• UPS Order Watch®
• UPS Worldport®
• UPS Paperless®
• UPS WorldShip®
• UPS Paperless® Invoice
• UPS Worldwide Expedited®
• UPS Preferred®
• UPS Worldwide Express®
• UPS Worldwide Express Freight
• UPS Proactive Response
• UPS Worldwide Express NA1®
• UPS Proactive Response® Secure
• UPS Worldwide Express Plus®
• UPS Ready®
• UPS Worldwide Saver®
• UPS Returns®
• We Do More Than Shipping®
• UPS Returns® Exchange
• We Love Logistics®
• UPS Returns® Flexible Access
• We
• UPS Returns® on the Web
• What Can Brown Do For You?®
• UPS Returns® Pack and Collect
• Whatever Speed You Need®
Noting UPS Trademarks
• T he notice symbol “®” should appear in the first
or most prominent mention of the trademark
(preferably the title or heading) in any informational or promotional materials (brochures,
sales sheets, websites) in the U.S. and countries
where the mark is registered (i.e. UPS®).
• T he notice symbol “TM” and not “®” must be
used in all other markets where the trademark
is not registered.
• UPS Premium Care™
For any additional questions about usage
of the UPS brand, contact [email protected]
dditional mentions of the trademark within
the same document or web page may be
shown without including the “®”or “TM”
notice symbol.
lease check with Legal to verify registration
status for additional countries.
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