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Teachers Preparations for a Case Study in Classroom

Teachers Preparations for a Case Study in Classroom.
One of the main reasons that case studies can be seen as a powerful learning tools is that they enable
learners to view certain cases as examples to broader issues.
Preparing a Classroom Discussion
First step in preparing, must be the reviewing of outcomes.
Followed by a detailed analysis of the case.
An important part also in preparing is the development of the questions that focus on the class
Educator Being the Facilitator
Principles for effective case discussions is the same as those that apply to whole-class discussions.
The 4 particular points to note when the discussion is based on a case study are:
The Introduction
The Discussion
Summarizing and Closure
The Introduction
Learners have prepared for discussion by prior reading of material trying to answer focus questions.
Importance of reminding learners of how the case links to the main issues and where these will lead
The Discussion
It is not just sharing ideas or seeking approval with presentation of ideas by learners, but in this time
learners must be in a joint effort of acquiring deep understanding of issues embedded in case.
Also one is to listen carefully to all the contributions and encourage students to elaborate, clarify and
even justify where need be.
In some cases role play can integrated for more direct engagement of issues
Asking the teacher questions plays an important role in the guiding of the lesson.
Questions to encourage the learner to consider important issues of the case.
Questions may serve a purpose of:
Summarizing and Closure
Some cases, should they be well-prepared they may not be fully resolved.
The discussion should however be brought to a satisfying conclusion. The summary will need to
address both the issues as well as the processes used for analysis.
A good conclusion will highlight the points of the agreement as well as the unresolved issues
It is also important to make comments so learners will think about the methods they took to resolve
the issues.
Consolidating Outcomes
The step of concluding the case study to learners should also be seen as an achievement of the
curriculum outcomes.
Integration with what they have already learned in the course should occur, and such should happen
reinforcing or extending the learning.
Incorporation of Technology
Case studies maybe enhanced with use of ICT through these following steps:
Presentation of information to students in a format in which they can access
Give students the time to locate relevant information
Encourage the exchange of information between students
Conduct the main discussion online
Post the conclusions reached from the discussion online
Provide an online forum in which they students can create links between cases studies and the
Reflecting on the success of the case study strategies
Success on Utilized Strategies
Cases studies are deemed as complex and ambiguous because issues being solved are of that nature.
Such problems though entail no correct or incorrect answers, but are to force learners to make choices
The educator needs to determine the learners achieved outcomes that were set and also if any
learning aspects can be improved.
Questions To Ask
Evaluation Questions
Did the learners prepare for requested class?
Was the class discussion focused clearly on learning outcomes and were these achieved?
Were the learners able to see the broader implications of issues raised in case study?
What limitations of the case study strategy were evident during the exercise?
To what extent did the case study:
foster learners critical thinking
encourage learners to be responsible for own learning
help learners develop a deep understanding of important knowledge
help learners achieve effective as well as cognitive outcomes
engage the learners in examining their values and assumptions
help learners develop a sense of the complexity of the real-world
engage the learners in dynamic interactions with one another
develop the learners collaborative skills?
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