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Causes of Fire

Common Causes:
The most common reason of fire?
Main Cause of Fire
There are ten main cause of fire such as:
1. Electric Short Circuits
2. Oil Leakage
3. Hot Work
4. Accidents with Heater and Stoves
5. Furnaces and Metal Floor Grills
Main Cause of Fire
6. Kitchen Fires
7. Careless Smoking
8. Overheating of Mechanical Equipments
9. Accidents
10. Violence
Common Substances subject to
Spontaneous Heating
Charcoal: Wetting and insufficient ventilation.
Cooking oils: Oil wetting and poor
Common Substances subject to
Spontaneous Heating
Fish meals: excess storage temperature,
improper moisture content.
Linseed oil: oil soaked rags and fabrics,
improper ventilation.
Varnished fabrics and furniture: poor ventilation,
Different Types of Ignition Sources
1. Physical Sources
2. Chemical Sources
3. Biological Sources
4. Electrical Sources
Physical Sources
These ignition sources are the result of some
physical phenomenon.
Rubbing or Abrasion:
Heat is generated due to rubbing in different bodies,
such that no chemical charge is involved.
Different when in operation produces fractional
spark which can be due to shortage of lubricating
oils, gases etc.
Physical Sources
Electrically Operated Appliances:
Unattended hot electric bulbs and similar appliances
in the surrounding objects due to the heat released
by them.
Careless Smoking:
Unattended fires and careless smoking often set
fires in different combustible.
Chemical Sources
A large number of fires are resulted due to mixing
of chemical substances
 Sulphuric acid and nitroglycerine.
 Various gases, such as hydrogen and chloride.
 Chemical of exothermic nature. Highly reactive
non metals such as phosphorus, sodium and
Biological Sources
There is such microorganism which, when act on
certain materials heat is produced the quantity of
heat produced sometimes is sufficiently high on
the appears in the form of spontaneous ignitions,
such as:
Biological Sources
 Fire in rice straw stores.
 Heat due fermentation processes.
 Fires in raw hemp staples.
Electrical Sources
Electricity appears to be main source of ignition
in different forms.
 Short circuiting.
 High voltage discharge.
 Heated filament
 High voltage static charge or discharge.