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Final Monologue
I used to believe in fairy tales. I used to love being scared by The Big Bad Wolf and the
pleasure that I felt when I thought about Prince charming waking me up from my
nightmares, with just one simple kiss. I used to believe my life could be a fairy tale.
To get my perfect prince, I became a perfect princess. (pause) But I discovered there is
a barrier between perfection and happiness. My goal was to be saved by that man in the
fairy tales (pause).
While looking for him I was hoping to become stronger and the only thing I got was to
lose all my power.
From all those guys that I let into my heart, I learned that I don't have the power to turn a
beast into a prince.
And then when I thought that everything was lost, I meet him (pause) My wonderful prince
charming. I opened the doors of my kingdom and I let him get into my heart. I let myself
think he was the only one with the capacity of bringing a stability in my life (pause), I let
him think he owned me and then He trapped me into his tower with the pretext of
protecting me (pause) he became The Big Bad Wolf of my story (pause).
But now that I am trapped in his tower, I realize that the Big Bad Wolf and Prince Charming
are the same man and if I want to have a happy ending, I need to manage to love both of
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