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Strategy and Implementation Summary
11.1 Competitive Edge
Use latest high technology equipment that operated with high performance to
produce high quality product with good quality that meet the vision and mission of
the company.
Low cholesterol
The level of free fatty acid in the cooking oil is at lowest level. The content of
unsaturated fat is also it optimum state whilst the saturated fat is low. The healthy
lifestyle consumer able to choose our edible oil as their choice without worrying about
the fat saturation level.
Resistant Oxidation
Contain high levels of natural antioxidants, though the refined palm oil used in
industrial food has lost most of its carotenoid content (and its orange-red color)
As local company, Paumme Holdings offering the best price that is affordable and
reasonable to be purchased by consumers
11.2 Marketing Strategy
Other than analysing the 4 P’s (Product, Pricing, Promotion and Place) through market
analysis, marketer also must have strategies and tactics for their future marketing and sales
method. The marketing strategies need to be improve and change along with economical
situation that always has it up and down.
Advertisment through radio and television.
Restaurants:- collaborate with well-known or best local restaurant. Instead of giving
the sponsorship, Paumme Holding can offer to provide them our cooking oil with
discounted price which in return they promote our brand by the restaurant
advertisement such as their signboard or presenting Paumme Holding as their
partnership. This method can be show that the finest restaurant with good food choose
Paumme product as their best choice. This method can maintain the client/customer
choices and also gain the customer loyalty.
Website and Social Media
As a platform for consumer to learn more about Paumme’s product and services.
Personnel selling by building the public relation
Personnel selling is one of way to approach customer closer with direct selling. But,
instead on selling our product directly, Paumme Holding do the testing or
demonstration in the supermarket to show the advantages of our product through
cooking demonstration. This cooking demonstration is to present and show to public
how our product able to be used for cooking any kind of meal and can be last long.
The heat tolerance and the high antioxidant characteristic of this cooking oil also can
be proof through this demonstration where public can see the cooking oil can be
withstand high temperature through deep frying. Public also can observe the
appearance of this product come in good packaging and has hygienic characteristic.
Furthermore, marketer also can explain more to the public about the benefits of this
product through flyers or brochure
Societal Concept
As society already aware and concern about healthy lifestyle, Paumme holding
producing their product with the societal concept focus on health. The healthy lifestyle
is crucially related to healthy eating habit. By promoting healthy aspect of our product,
consumer able to choose our product as their accurate choice to start practising
healthy lifestyle. Level of free fatty acid is one of parameter for consumer to know how
good the cooking oil is, the higher the level of free fatty acid, the low the quality of the
cooking oil. As Paumme Holding producing the least level free fatty acid in cooking oil,
tagline of low level cholesterol will the main attraction. Understandable tagline such
‘low cholesterol’ and ‘0% cholestrol’ will apply as people now aware about the healthy
eating habit.
Rebranding Endorsement
We suplly all types of palm cooking oil. We provide premium grade of palm cooking oil
in 1 Liter to 25 Liter onward and expanding to other small and medium enterprise
(SME) or IKS company, as many as possible. We can offer very good and reasonable
price for importers and always follow the customer’s wants (rebranding) and needs
SME allowed to rebrand our product as long as the name of Paumme Holdings labelled
on their packaging. This method offer the win-win situation for both party. However,
the rebranding endorsement only endorsed on certain terms and conditions as stated
Terms and Condition
1. Paumme Holding name must exist on the packaging label as manufacturer.
2. Rebranding only allowed for SME.
3. Only bottle packaging allowed, repackaging in plastic are not endorsed.
4. Discounted price will be given for SME that have their own packaging.
SME that use Paumme Holding packaging will offered with retailer prices that
charged with packaging cost.
11.3 Sales Strategy
Method to maintain sales production:-
Focus on product (cooking oil) quality
Quality Assurance and Quality Control are parts of quality management. This
eventually leads to customer loyalty. Quality management increases efficiency and
productivity that positively impact the revenues for the company. We will always focus
on quality to meet the customer satisfaction such as safe to consume the cooking oil
with high quality product.
Focus on production improvement
The way to make product improvement are to add new product features and
improve existing ones. We will ensure to monitor on the performance at high level
from raw material until finished product. This include the performance at process
line such as the equipment and machinery, workers, safety and health and always
ensure the line are in hygienic environment.
Competition based pricing
We will ensure that our pricing that we offer is lower than from what our competitor
offer (original price) to promote the product to the consumer. Our margin profit is
flexible to ensure, our price is not change although our cost increase for instance:
If our cost increases we will reduce our margin profit to ensure that our price remain
Online sales
We will ensure our website became more interesting with our updated sales
promotion. We plan the next months’ worth of social media, emails, blogs,
downloadable offers, and website content in a smart and conversion-focused way.
As of right now, our competitive strategy, is email someone right away followed by
a call the next day. This sales process is a template we have implemented that we
used for product or service. The next thing to have the sales team do is connect
with them on LinkedIn and lastly try to set up a phone call. Feel free to space those
out however we would like. We like to test a lot of different models with different
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