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EVERY DAY (Close reading) - Day 5994

Every Day, by David Levithan
 To develop a stronger understanding of the character of A and the ways in which David Levithan
constructs his novel through close reading of specific chapters.
DAY 5994 (p. 1 – 28)
Re-read the chapter and answer the following questions in your workbook.
1. On p. 1, what does A say is the hardest thing to adjust to when he/she wakes up each day?
2. Justin is Rhiannon’s boyfriend and the first body A inhabits in the book. Write down some of the
descriptions the author gives of Justin and explain how the author portrays him as an unlikeable
3. Read p. 4 -5, p. 9 and p. 12 – 13.
a. Explain A’s impressions of the relationship between Rhiannon and Justin. What is problematic
about it?
b. Why do you think Rhiannon is attracted to Justin?
4. Explain what A means on p. 6 when he/she says, “We will happily settle for okay, because most of
the time, okay is enough.”
5. Re-read the passage where A and Rhiannon are at the beach (p. 14 – 17). What is it about Rhiannon
that draws A to her? How does he/she feel around Rhiannon?
6. Rhiannon tells Justin about one of the best days she can remember on p. 17 – 19. Describe what
she did on that day and why it made her so happy.
7. On p. 22, A says: ‘As we drift into sleep, I feel something I’ve never felt before. A closeness that isn’t
merely physical…A sensation that can only come from the most euphoric of feelings: belonging.’
Why is this moment so significant for A?
8. Why does A feel that it is important to call Rhiannon that night? (p. 26 – 28). What does he/she
want her to understand while he is still in Justin’s body?
9. Write a list of the things you learn about A in this chapter—what the ‘rules’ are for A’s daily body
switch, what A’s abilities in each body are. (See p. 1, 2, 7 and 25)
10. Do you have a sense that A’s ‘true’ gender is female or male? Write down any specific evidence that
influenced your view. Compare your thoughts with a partner and discuss why you made a particular
Creative Writing Tasks (Day 5994)
Choose one or more of these tasks to complete in your workbook.
a. Write a short scene set during Day 5994, from A’s point-of-view (inside Justin’s body). Choose a
moment which is not already described by Levithan or is only briefly described.
Some suggestions = a description of one of Justin’s classes (before he leaves school with Rhiannon),
the fight between Justin and his parents when he misses dinner
b. “Sixteen years is a long time to practice. I don’t usually make mistakes. Not anymore.” (p. 3). Write a
flashback or memory sequence to describe a time when A made a mistake while inhabiting
someone’s body.
c. Write from another character’s point-of-view to describe their observations about Justin at a
particular moment during this day. Do they realise he is not acting the same as usual?
E.g: What might his mother or father be thinking while Justin is silent at breakfast, or when he skips
dinner? What do Justin’s teachers think when they see him doing work in class for a change? What is
Rhiannon thinking when Justin suggests they leave school and spend the day together?
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