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Gatsby chapter character Projects

Gatsby Projects
Chapter Analysis – Create a poster that utilizes both images and text to present an analysis of
one chapter from The Great Gatsby.
Literary Elements – The poster should include written explanations of how specific
literary elements are used in the text. (Examples: Alliteration, Syntax, Diction, Theme,
Colors – The poster should include written explanations of how specific colors are used
to represent emotions, themes, conflicts, etc. (e.g. green light at Buchanan house =
jealousy/envy of those who wish to be like them, red is connected to passion/violence).
Symbolism – The poster should include written explanations of specific symbols within
the chapter and how those symbols represent themes, conflict, emotions, ideas, etc. (e.g.
the molars as cufflinks represent ferocity/violence of Wolfsheim)
Significant Quotes – The poster should include 3-5 quotes from the chapter and
explanation of what the quote means/represents and how it connects to the overall text.
Critique: The poster should include a critique of how the chapter is developed and
written. Your group will need to pick specific things that you either like/dislike about the
chapter and explain why or how those things were/were not effective and how you would
change them if you could.
Character Analysis -- Create a poster that utilizes both images and text to present an analysis of
a character from The Great Gatsby – (Daisy, Gatsby, Myrtle, Nick, Tom, Jordan).
The poster should include several specific references to how the character is developed
through the use of characterization (physical details, thoughts, actions, speech, interactions
with other characters) and an explanation of how/why those references are important.
Physical Details – descriptions of their physical appearance and/or characteristics (e.g. the
references to Daisy’s voice, Myrtle’s waist/hips, Tom’s brute strength).
Thoughts/Emotions – references to the character’s mental aspects, thoughts, emotions, etc. (e.g.
Myrtle’s dislike of her husband, Tom’s feelings of superiority over Nick and other men, Gatsby’s
belief in nostalgia)
Actions – specific actions taken by the character (either in the story or referred to in the story).
Examples might include Jordan cheating at golf, Daisy getting drunk the night before her
wedding, Gatsby being involved in bootlegging).
Speech – specific examples of the character’s speech and explanations of how the speech helps
develop the character (how does the speech help us understand the character?). Examples: the
way Myrtle speaks to the people at her party, the way Daisy and Tom speak to each other). It
will be VERY IMPORTANT for you to address the things that do not get said – and why the
absence of those words is important.
Interactions – specific references to how the characters interact with each other – and
explanations of how those interactions help us understand the characters. (e.g. Tom & Myrtle
compared to Tom & Daisy).
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