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afrolatinos research tip sheet for HS students

Explore the resources posted to my announcements page on the school website. Be mindful that you
are researching people who are AFRO=LATINOS. That means their heritage is a mix of Latino and African
or African-American.
After you have decided who to research, open your email and send me the name. My email address is:
[email protected]
Now, using the basic facts available in the articles I listed, start searching for more information.
You need to take notes as you go. I suggest doing this in Google docs, once you have logged in to your
district email. It will be easy to find your work this way.
You need to find the following information:
Full name of the person.
Date and place of birth.
If deceased, date and place of death.
Names of family members and relationship (siblings, parents, spouse, children, etc)
A photo or graphic to use as the Cover Image. (The profile image is automatically selected when
you enter a name.) You can save it in google drive.
Career field.
Other interests.
Accomplishments of this person, and any obstacles they had to overcome.
Several significant events in their life. You will use these to create 5 posts that COULD have been
written by your subject. Pay attention to when these happened, so that you can put dates on
your posts.
Consider locating a video about this person, for bonus points. There is an option to insert the
link in Fakebook.
When you have all the information you need, you can check with me for the FAKEBOOK instructions.
This document is also posted on my page at jhs.butts.k12.ga.us
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