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TOK (Little RDH) Presentation)

Nce upon a time,
in a far far far…
…far away forest…
…there was a girl on a
red scooter called
Little Red Driving
…listening to her
new Red riPod…
…she was driving peacefully when suddenly the
Big Bad Wolf appeared on his tricycle…
…When their eyes met
through their helmets…
…they both stopped in a clearing…
“My fair lady, I have been
fascinated by the softness, the
grace, the lightness, the beauty…”
“…of your hood!...”
“Where did you buy it? At what price?
Tell me everything!!”, exclaimed the
“Yo man! I got it from my gran for
christmas…give me your mobile
num and I’ll sms you the details…”
said Little RDH (Red Driving Hood
in case anyone wonders)…
“Oh misery! I can’t wait for that fine
moment, when thee shall take your
advance technology, and I shall
receive thou letter…”
“You still haven’t given me your mobile
number BBW!!...” said RDH.
“I beg your pardon, BBW??...”
enquired the wolf.
“ Yeah Big Bad Wolf! Isn’t that your
name?...” continued RDH.
“For your enlightment, my name is Sir
William Richard Albert Crunnings the
3rd, 16th wolf of Surrey forest, son of
Sir Wilhem Charles Robert George
the 5th, 10th wolf of Edinburgh forest,
knighted by queen Gertrude of
Cantebury herself!, and errr…yes, my
address: so it shall be the
14671217628410299 without
forgetting the +230…”
Little RDH, who had been fidgeting with her
Red riPod as her favorite song had just
ended had not been listening to the wolf,
she suddenly looked up and exclaimed:
“Sorry man! Wasn’t listening! Anyways, I’ve
got to get rollin’! My gran’s waiting for me,
shes the DJ tonight and I’ve got all her
cds! See ya!”
The wolf watched
speechlessly as Little
RDH jumps on her
scooter and kicks up
the gears off to DJ
gran’s house!..
The wolf thought to himself:
“I desperately need the fair touch of the
silk of that hood on my fluffy ears!! I
shall follow this fair lady even if it is
to the end…”
“…of the forest!!...”
Following the story of the Little Red
Riding Hood, the wolf arrives first at
the grans’ house, God knows how he
made it there first in our story but
we shall not ponder on a wolf’s way of
When he arrived, the wolf took fifteen
minutes to find a good parking as all the
good ones were taken, he got inside the
party easily as the bouncers were his
cousins!!!...As it was the Little Red Driving
Hoods’ gran’s party, they were sponsored
by Red Bull!…
When he got in, the wolf saw that they
were giving blue hoods exactly like
RDH’s one free to every guess that came
before RDH herself, therefore the wolf
got his hood for himself and his fluffy
ears lived happily ever after…
The end!
Hope you enjoyed, see you next time for ‘Sir
Wilhem the Wolf, Ze come back!!’
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