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Virtual reality for traditional folk dance

• Now were in modern technology, where everything is connected with
technology, which is every useful in everyone.
• Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulate
• Folk Dance is developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a
certain country of region.
• The problem of this study is people forgotten this kind of dance and style
which is the reflection of the people in their country, which the reflection as
General Objectives
• The general objectives of this
study is to develop a Virtual
Reality Traditional Folk Dance
using Virtual Reality Box.
Specific Objectives
• To develop an application that
enhance the knowledge of the
user about traditional folk dance
• To design and develop an
application that show the different
folk dance of the Philippines.
• To develop an application that
can entertain the user and spend
their leisure time by dancing the
traditional folk dance.
• This application will introduce to them the different traditional folk dance.
• This study will help the proponents to gain knowledge and experience on
software development.
Future Proponents
• The system will help the future proponents to provide and guide them in
relation with this study.
• This application creates an account to the user, that includes the username and
password of the user. The user need to register and log-in first before she/he
open the application. When the user finish the registration and log-in it
automatically save to the database of the application. This application can
delete, save and update the records.
• This application uses a Virtual Reality Box, to see and play the application,
the user need to wear it, once she/he wear it, the user can control the
application and play. Inside the VR Box that the user wear, the environment of
it change, it is a simulated environment. Instead of viewing screen in front of
them, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D world.
• In this application the user need to follow the steps and guideline that the VR
• This application will present the traditional folk dance, the application will
display the traditional folk dance and the user need to follow it.
• In VR there are second person and it is the user guide on how to dance that folk
dance and to show what is the step that they going to follow.
• Also inside the VR, the topper part of it display the score and where the user
can select the dance he/she want to dance.
• This application will provide a score based on their performance, if they
correctly follow the step. In every continuous correct gesture and step, the user
has received a star that can multiply by 2, 3, or 4 and can add to their score.
But when the user makes a mistake the combo for star will back to 0.
This application will be going to display the categories of the dance, and it’s up to user
what she/he will going to dance.
This application have 5 categories. Cariñosa, Binasuan, Itik-itik, Singkíl, Kuratsa.
By selecting the song or the dance when the user is sliding the song and it stop for a while,
the application will display the dance for a meant time, so that the user can think if its
she/he want to dance or not and choose again to the other categories.
In the end of this application the total score will display to the screen and how many star
that the user got, and it will add to the score of the user.
This application will ask the user if she/he want to exit or continue dancing. When the user
selects the exit the application displays black screen.
The dance of this application automatically stop as the song ended or the user finish to
dance, or the user doesn’t want to continue and stop the dance. But the application will ask
first the user if she/he want to continue or save it, so he/she continue it, in the other day.
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