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As Islam and its influence grew stronger, it changed the world’s environment as
more intellectual currents emerged and there was a need for Muslims in power to
create institutionalized adjustments to maintain their political stability. Absolute
military power and administrative reforms were used to save their crumbling
political regime. On the other hand, Muslim scholars went for ideological
adjustments, considering the adopted institution structure to be incompatible. It
created a gap between these two concepts as Islam being inherited
transcendental wasn’t compatible with the modern and alienated political
structure. As the effects of modern institutionalized structure became more
visible, it started effecting the ideological concept of people and caused drastic
modernization. As a result, the ideology was considered obsolete. It totally
disintegrated the cultural aspect as well as political structure of Muslims.
The Social Reality:
Subjective (Opinions, feelings) and Objective (hard facts and unbiased) are two
important aspects that makes a society unique. The phenomenon of giving a
definition to something helps a being to carve way of his life to a particular
direction is called consciousness. It makes an individual capable of taking
decisions based on everyday events and by interfering the life of others. These
realities cause co-operation and harmony among people and are easily directed
towards a common goal. When consciousness is legitimized through reasoning,
institutions are developed to keep order. Two different societies having different
realities are always competitive in nature. One is more superior than the other
based on its capability of logical reasoning and consciousness. The concept of a
modern society is that it allows different realities to exist in the same sphere and
co-ordinate for more better reasoning and logical explanation of common
Modern societies too have a concept of consciousness and logical reasoning. This
reasoning is heavily affected by the technological and economical aspect of the
society. It is also referred to as the ‘modernity of consciousness’. This concept of
meaning is completely different as compared to a simple society. Here, the two
types of logical reasoning are present, one is the requirement of the system and
other is your own personal consciousness. Individual having the knowledge of the
system is integrated and those who don’t fit are kept away to ensure its stability
and authority. The second consciousness is for that individuals own purpose and
reality. That is the basic difference between education and knowledge. This
creates a gap between the two groups and causes social instability. As it becomes
more problematic, the state tries to manipulate the individuals own
consciousness and tailors it to benefit the authority and prevent chaos. As
different realities are present in a modern society, the bureaucracy tends to move
towards uniformity to protect every individual’s right. This results in society being
completely divided as compared to the traditional society where people had the
same concept of Weltanschauug. It is further implemented over people using
mediums created by the state such as education, media etc.
The Islamic Heritage:
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