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System in normal run process
Assuming full load
requirement, all compressors
will run.
System with solar thermal compression
The panel absorbs the UV radiance from
he sun. The vacuum tubes become
nternally hot and therefore heat the
efrigerant gas as it passes through…
At this point, we have a distinct change in
thermal energy. This in turn raises the
internal energy (the sum of all microscopic
kinetic and potential energy of the
molecules), and the molecules start to move
with a higher value of kinetic energy, which
simply implies each molecule moves with a
higher velocity than before.
As the molecules collide with one another
they rebound with higher energies,
moreover intermolecular forces weaken
produced from the additional heat is
released in mass volume flow and
therefore substantially increased
molecular velocity
Yielding a reduced energy demand as the
compressors begin to shut down as the sun
takes over the load requirement
ddresses any additional heat
Solar Thermal:
t, the systems condenser is designed to
pressors running at full load. The reality is
n the sky (the time when most systems run
ystem will ensure that all compressors
n at full load.
the heat from the solar panel, utilising the
e not pressure) we increase the gas
energy, hence increasing the mass volume
ally creating an improved Delta T therefore
ficiency of the heat exchanger (condenser).
nd A/C systems are manufactured to a very
nt, e.g. for A/C systems ISO 5151. This point
s for the compressor, condenser and all other
10kW system with
T-after panel
ion below demonstrates the energy usage on a solar thermal ass
tem in comparison to an identical A+
A rated DC inverter system.
case of ‘the hotter it gets’ the less the system works’ – and as im
e comparison A+
+ system works.
Non solar Inverter
Solar thermal system
on below is a screenshot of the same live testing facility. Clearly
ng all relevant temperatures and pressure points around the syste
International, actively defended
patent pending technology
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