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NJHS Newsletter RUN for 51 (2)

NJHS April Newsletter
April 11, 2019
 March of Dimes: Mrs. Wilson is over March of Dimes and can offer service
hours for NJHS members through this program—see Mrs. Wilson if you are
 Run for 51: Members were required to sign up, get two additional people outside
of NJHS to participate somehow with Run for 51, and members are required to
participate on Saturday, April 27th. Because all money goes to support two nonprofit organizations, Safe Harbor and Mary’s House.
Safe Harbor offers a continuum of services, providing safe emergency
shelter, counseling, assistance with orders of protection, and transitional
housing, as well as teen dating violence education and community outreach in
Greenville, Pickens, Anderson, and Oconee counties. When you give to Safe
Harbor, 89.8 cents of every dollar goes directly to Safe Harbor’s
prevention and intervention services to break the cycle of domestic violence
in the Upstate of South Carolina.
This is a great way for our 8th grade LEADERS to reach out to others and
share a purpose in our community.
Mary’s House MARYS House provides emergency safe shelter for
families who are victims of domestic violence. While providing a safe place
to stay and also provide food, clothing, personal hygiene items, counseling,
resources and referrals according to individual needs. During the stay at
our shelter, each client works with our professional staff to identify needs
and set goals. Clients receive individual and group counseling, case
management, referrals, advocacy, and all basic living necessities during their
shelter stay. Follow-up support is available and encouraged for clients who
have completed their stay. All services are free of charge for victims and
their children. MARYS Hope is a transitional program to assist in regaining
independence. Hope will help start a new life with self-confidence, a life
free from abuse. Hope assists individuals in building self-esteem with
education and employment assistance, teaches budgeting and socialization
skills. Hope also offers workshops, support groups and Bible studies, along
with a variety of classes and therapies to develop healthy life coping skills.
Members who get more than two additional participants will be able to
count it as an NJHS activity or outside hour. It will be your choice.—Have
your service log with you when you pick up your t-shirts. If you do not have
your service log, it will not be signed later. The race shirts are WHITE this
year, and you will pick them up on Thursday, April 25 or Friday, April 26.
Members can still register for the run--registration is $25.00
however, registries do not get a race shirt; though, will count towards the
requirements and extra service hours.
Sign-ups to help with the race will be posted Tuesday afternoon (April
On the day of the race, participants will have to check in at the
registration table between 9:30 and 9:50am. Failure to check in will result
in you not getting credit for the race…registered or not!
Workers will arrive at their assigned time—be sure to note the
assigned time when you sign up. Before leaving after the run—ALL members
much check with their NJHS officer. EVERYONE will help clean up before
leaving—officers will dismiss the group once all cleaning has been complete.
This is going to be a GREAT, FUN and meaningful event making us all
aware that domestic violence, sadly, exists too close to us. Together, we
make a difference for victims of domestic violence and their children,
providing them with safety and resources, helping them to heal, and giving
them the support they need to start new lives free of domestic violence.
Currently we have 235 people signed up for the run.
Saturday, April 27th - "Run for 51" raising money and awareness for
Safe Harbor and Mary’s House, domestic abuse non-profit organizations and
in memory of Daniel Smith.
May 1st-4th (1st week)—Teacher appreciation gifts to be brought,
then a drawing will be held for the teachers and gifts will be delivered
starting Friday, May 4. Gifts need to be $5 or more, and can be gift cards
(Starbucks, Chic-fil-a, Copper River etc.), supplies (Pens, Post Its etc.),
flowers, candy… Bring gifts along with service log to Mrs. Hamlett
May 3rd service log complete and turned in—date is on the service log
May 9th Final NJHS meeting
May 23rd End of year trip to elementary schools for those in good
standing and completed all requirements of NJHS and fill out the
May 24th 8th grade day
May 27th leave for Disney
**Don’t forget, if you need to make up for a missed activity (mandatory or
optional), you can propose and complete a project of your own. Fill out the
project proposal form located on the NJHS site. Fill this out soon so that you
have time to complete the project before the May 4th deadline.