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Essentials of HRM

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Essentials of HRM
1. Mazbooti Pvt Ltd is a civil engineering firm doing projects in buildings, roads, bridges,
Flyovers etc. Recently they have bagged a lot of projects for which they require Graduate
Trainee Engineers as well as Diploma Trainee Engineers in huge numbers. What could be
the method of recruitment in such scenario? Discuss any two methods of recruitment for
such high numbers also conclude by choosing the best method.
(10 Marks)
As per various researches it is reported that simulations are one of the most effective way
of training. Discuss this statement with the help of strong supporting justifications and
examples. Also conclude by suggesting any other form of training which can be
considered to be as strong as simulations.
(10 Marks)
3. Kaira is working as an Assistant Manager –Marketing from past five years in an FMCG
company. She is a very hard working and dedicated employee. Her performance has also
been good consistently. She is one of the deserving employee who never got her fair share
of success. From past five years she has not got a single promotion because of which she is
contemplating to resign. She communicated the same to Mohit who is her reporting
authority. Mohit apprises this to the top management and even gives cues that because of
lack of career planning their organisation is in a verge of losing an important talent. Sanjay,
the Operations Head on the other hand is totally against the idea of Career planning.
a. Mohit is asked to prepare a list of merits of Career planning. Help him prepare the same.
(5 Marks)
b. Sanjay opposes Mohit with his list of demerits on the career planning. Mention all the pros
and cons of career planning and highlight who is right, Mohit or Sanjay?
(5 Marks)
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