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Job Description Proposal and Report Writers2

JOB TITLE: Funding Team - Project Writer
International Division, Sana’a/Aden, Yemen
JOB FAMILY: Fundraising
LEVEL: International C2
DURATION: One year (with possibility of extension)
OXFAM PURPOSE: To work with others to overcome poverty and suffering.
TEAM PURPOSE: To help shape, resource and implement Oxfam’s strategic and operational priorities in Yemen.
JOB PURPOSE: To support the Yemen country programme funding and contract management needs by contributing
to the realisation of the country operational strategies. This will be achieved by working with Programme, Finance,
and other staff to produce high quality project proposals and donor reports that are accurate, informative, and
meet donor requirements. The post will be based in Sana’a, with extensive field travel, and possible relocation to
Aden. The post-holder will be managed by the Business Development Manager, with support from other Funding
and country programme staff.
The post-holder will contribute to: a) identifying new project funding opportunities, that they are shared, discussed,
and, when relevant, developed. b) support funding and programme teams to meet donor contractual requirements
through the development and alignment of quality project reports; c) that project proposals and donor reports are
prepared on time and are of acceptable quality; and d) to work with colleagues to organise project inception and
close-out workshops. The role will also facilitate the capacity building of programme and other staff in proposal
writing and donor reporting.
REPORTING TO: Business Development Manager
Staff reporting to this post: None
Generate interest and follow up among programme teams for the development and submission of quality
project proposals to donors, outline project proposal requirements, and manage submission schedules.
Facilitate project proposal development workshops, to include conceptualising the problem statement,
logframe development, completing the narrative, and budget drafting.
Coordinate with Finance and Programme staff to produce project budgets that align with proposal narratives
and logframes, and that all relevant activities and support functions are costed.
Engage with Programme, Finance, and other staff to build staff capacity in preparing project proposals and
producing timely and complete donor reports.
Supports the Funding Team on the review, feedback, and submission processes of developed proposals and
reports, ensuring consistency, accuracy, clarity, and timeliness.
1. Information and systems management
Uses Oxfam’s contract management and information systems as tools for managing project proposal
submissions and subsequent contract compliance.
Supports the Funding Team with donor communications regarding proposal preparation, meeting information
requests, and concerning project level amendments.
Supports the Funding Team to collaborate with finance and programme staff to ensure that information
variances are rectified in a timely manner.
Generate, circulate, and follow up on donor reporting schedules on a regular basis.
Maintain a log that reflects donor communications, e.g. phone calls, meetings, and other relevant projectrelated information.
Be guided by colleagues to be compliant with processes in relation to researching information for project
proposals and preparing reports, in coordination with Programme staff.
2. Fundraising Coordination and Compliance
Coordinate plans and activities with the Funding, Programme, and Finance teams.
Attend donor and other relevant meetings as may be required.
Ensure that donor requirements related to project implementation are shared with programme and finance
teams, and that the Logistics Team is aware of relevant procurement processes.
Advise program, finance and logistics staff on the delivery of project activities as detailed in project proposals.
Support the review and sign-off of proposal submissions including expressions of interest, concept notes,
proposals, reports, and other correspondence according to Oxfam processes.
3. Capacity building
Engage with staff at all stages of the project cycle for developing skills to produce quality project proposals, and
accurate donor reports against project progress, including capturing impact and learning.
Work with Managers on proposal/report capacity assessments/trainings for staff and local partners.
Coordinate with colleagues on delivering contract start-up workshops.
With relevant staff, review partner budgets, activity plans, and partnership agreements to ensure that
information meets with project requirements.
Fluency in spoken and written English, with appropriate higher level qualifications.
Demonstrable writing and conceptual skills.
Able to collaborate with technical teams to develop project proposals for institutional funding.
Ability to support country programme staff to produce coherent and logical project documents.
Ability to work within a multicultural, multilingual, multidisciplinary, and insecure environment.
Good English communication skills, with ability to analyse, synthesise, and communicate complex issues.
Appropriate computer skills, including various office applications and internet navigation.
Experience of capacity building, including coaching and training at individual and group levels.
Ability to manage time effectively, and adapt priorities to changing demands and tight deadlines.
Understanding of and commitment to crosscutting issues, e.g. gender/protection.
Ability to interpret donor requirements and underlying policy aims.
Ability to make effective, timely decisions and take prudent risks.
Knowledge of institutional donors, e.g. DFID, ECHO, SIDA, DEC, and UN agencies.
Familiarity with decision-making processes, including budgeting, donor protocols, and communications.
Arabic language skills.
Knowledge and understanding of the Middle East.
Knowledge and understanding of Oxfam’s WaSH and EFSVL programs in emergencies.
ISSUED: January 2019
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