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Copy of Group Essay Briones, Nguyen, Vickich, Hopkins

Zachary Briones, Jonathan Nguyen
Hailey Vickich, and Emma Hopkins
English II PreAP - 7
13 September 2018
Tone and Point of View in “There Will Come Soft Rains”
If man receded into oblivion, only their works would leave a mark on the world. In “There
Will Come Soft Rains,” Ray Bradbury incorporates an objective narrator to create an unsettling
The lack of personality in the narrator enhances the bleakness of the story. To begin, in
the evening, the house is described as having “empty chairs [that] faced each other between the
silent walls” (Bradbury 3). Bradbury utilizes this description to illustrate the hollowness left by the
absence of people. This hollowness makes the reader uneasy, as the familiar setting of a home
is contrasted with impersonal silence. In addition, the narrator paints a picture of “images
burned on wood… [of] a girl, hands raised” to reveal the fate of the people who were living in the
house (Bradbury 1). This description incorporates a detached narrator to describe the aftermath
of a typical family day that led to apocalyptic carnage. As a result, the absence of empathy
present from the narrator acts as a catalyst for the distress of the readers. The narrators
objectiveness gives an inhuman veneer to the story being told.
All in all, an apathetic narrator creates the sense of unease that permeates “There Will
Come Soft Rains.” If humanity falls into obscurity, then man’s achievements will have been for
naught, as those meant to extend man’s legacy would have disappeared.
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