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Dell online support

Dell computer support
It is a company and it is situated in America and the headquarter of this company is situated in round
rock, Texas, US. This company is responsible for developing, selling, repairing computer related
products. The name of the founder of this company is Michael Dell. According to the annual report of
2018. There is an estimate of 145000 people working in this company all over the world. Some of the
products that they sell are PC, servers, computer peripherals, cameras, etc. this company was founded
on February 1, 1984.
How to fix dell touchpad that is not working?
Some steps that can be taken to fix this problem are:
Step 1 (Empower the Touchpad utilizing the capacity key)
The most common reason of this thing is because of the users disabling the touchpad function by
mistake. Most workstations have a capacity key devoted to the Touchpad incorporated with the F keys.
The most widely recognized position is on the F9 key.
To re-empower the touchpad on your Dell PC, press the catch looking like a Touchpad catch and see
whether you recover the Touchpad usefulness. Certain models will expect you to have the Function key
squeezed while squeezing the Touchpad key.
Step 2(Re-empowering touchpad from Control board or Dell Settings)
Clients that revealed losing the touchpad usefulness in the wake of introducing a Windows update have
figured out how to determine the issue in the wake of finding that their Touchpad was crippled inside
Control Panel. Although the reasons for this are indistinct, most clients speculate that the issue is
brought about by an ill-advised Windows update.
Here are the steps to re-empowering touchpad from control board:
Press Windows key + R to open up a Run box. At that point, type "control" and hit Enter to open
Control Panel.
Inside Control Panel, explore to Hardware and Sound, at that point click on Mouse and
Next, click on Additional mouse alternatives and see whether your Touchpad is empowered
inside Mouse Properties. In the event that it isn't, click on Enable gadget under the Dell
Touchpad tab and restart your PC.
At the next startup, see if the issue has been resolved and you are able to use the
CallPC expert is a company where there are professional experts who are responsible for solving
problems related to computers and printers. Visit here on dell online support if you have any problem
related to dell computers and want that computer fixed by our professional experts.
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