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Groundwater Aquifers Quiz

Groundwater Aquifers Quiz
1) An aquifer is…
a) a salt-free spring.
b) a layer of rock saturated with groundwater.
c) a layer of rock partially saturated with groundwater.
d) a carbonated freshwater spring.
2) Scientists are mapping the Earth’s gravitational field to help identify aquifers.
a) true
b) false
3) Sedimentary rocks made from large grained sediments…
a) tend to have high porosities.
b) help produce good aquifers.
c) keep water from penetrating the ground.
d) all of the above
e) a and b, but not c
4) What is meant by the term recharge?
5) Very deep wells are more easily polluted than shallow wells because it takes longer for
rainwater to reach them.
a) true
b) false
6) A hole dug into the ground to aquifer is called a ________.
7) Sedimentary rocks known as clays have very small grain sizes, which make them impermeable
to water.
a) true
b) false
8) The lower limit of an aquifer is defined by…
a) how much rain falls each year.
b) a layer of impermeable rock.
c) how much water is removed from the aquifer by wells.
d) tectonic activity.
9) Aquifers provide drinking water for people but do not help farmers because there is not
enough groundwater to greatly affect crop production.
a) true
b) false
10) Orbiting satellites have become vital tools in monitoring the world’s groundwater supply.
a) true
b) false
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