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Artist overview

Yoni Mehari
Professor Brown
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Artist Overview
My artist overview is on sounds designers. I chose to write on Ben Burtt. Ben has been
working in the industry since 1975. He is credited with over 92 films. Some of his most famous
films includes Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T, WALL-E, Star Trek, and Lincoln. Ben has been
nominated for 12 academy awards winning four , two for best sound editing (E.T and Indiana
Jones And The Last Crusade) and two special achievement awards (Raider Of The Lost Ark, Star
Wars episode IV). Ben has had an enormous impact on the art of cinema specifically science
fiction films. He created a majority of the famous effects heard in the Star Wars films including
the light saber, the blaster guns, RD-D2 voice, and the breathing sound of Darth Vader. Before
Star Wars came out most sci-fi films tended to use electronic- sounding effects for advanced
sounding devices. Burtt used natural sounds to make his effects. For example, the main character
voice in WALL-E was his own voice with added effects for the robotic sounds. Without Ben
Burtt contributions to sound design many of the unique sounds we hear in science fiction films
would be completely different. His legacy will forever have an impact on people.
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