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LIGHT Worksheet

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Directions: Circle the term in parentheses that makes each statement correct.
1.Light reflected off a mirror causes a (regular reflection, diffuse reflection).
2. Light reflected off textured glass causes a (regular reflection, diffuse reflection).
3. A (mirage, reflection) is an image of a distant object produced by the refraction of light
through air layers of different densities.
Directions: Identify each as opaque, translucent, or transparent.
_____________________ 1. tinted windows
_____________________ 2. mirror
_____________________ 3. clear glass vase
_____________________ 4. clay flowerpot
_____________________ 5. colored plastic wrap
_____________________ 6. windows
Directions: Respond to the following using complete sentences.
1. Describe What causes the colors in a rainbow?
2. Explain What causes you to see the yellow color on a lemon?
3. Predict What happens when you mix the three primary colors of pigment?
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