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Law assignment

Name: Reem Mohamed Abdel-Raheem
ID: 46-0535
Tutorial Group: T09
Course: Principles of Law
Date: 20th of March 2019
Table of Contents:
1. The proposal
2. Purpose of the memorandum
3. Conditions
B. Recommendations
To: The House of Representatives
From: Member of the Parliament
Date: 20th of March 2019
Subject: Animal abuse
1-The Proposal:
Criminalize any overt and intentional acts of violence towards animals.
2-Purpose of the memorandum:
The human is free as long as his freedom does not infringe on the freedom of
others. Animal cruelty happens every day with no limits, whether to pets, farmed
or stray ones. The abuser jeopardizes the freedom of animals since there is no
mundane penalty to prevent these actions
3-Conditions of the Law:
 The law criminalizes any inflicting physical pain, suffering or death on
an animal.
 The law should be applicable in all cases of overt and intentional acts of
violence towards animals.
 Any adult in the state violates this law should pay a penalty up to 50,000
EGP and jailed for 1-3 months.
A) Facts:
This law prevents the unnecessary death of animals that affects the
ecosystem. Intentional cruelty to animals is strongly correlated with other
crimes, including violence against people.
Animal abuse encourage child abuse and domestic violence.
B) Recommendations:
 As a one of the house of representatives member, I could propose with the
new law
 This new law is proposed to the special committees to decide whether this
new law is worthy to be presented to house of representatives or not with
60% of the house of representatives’ members agreed to declare this law.
 Not less than 200 members should approve on the law.
 The non-veto of the president is followed by promulgation of the legislation.
 The new legislation is published in the official gazette which is the proclamation of the legislation.
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