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General Introduction
This portfolio is focused on the theme “Entertainment”. The researchers study however
was based on the factors contributing to cyber bullying such as: Revenge, Boredom and
believing their victims deserve it.
This portfolio consists of two main sections the reflective piece and the exposition. The
reflective piece is a story entitled “Disguise” depicts persons who are living double standard
lives and also young Christians craving to be exposed to normal teenager life consisting of
parties, sex and fame. The exposition contains both primary and secondary sources which are
substantial evidence on the three main reasons mentioned above in my purpose.
Academically the portfolio satisfies the criteria of the Internal Assessment
Communication Studies course. The researcher was also enlightened as a teenager being active
on social media sites it’s evident and proven of teenagers suffering from cyber bullying and
becomes victims and act on revenge to be vindicated.
The researcher objective of pursuing the position of becoming a financial advisor falls in
line with Entertainment because financial advisors work alongside celebrities, studio heads and
other industries who need help. Working alongside celebrities constructing events advisors make
their income from just small handful of clients.
At the age of seventeen years old, still a teenager, the internet has been a source for
entertainment and an outlet for attention social media has been teenager’s interest because it
provides them with drama and excitement to satisfy their needs.
Would you like your child to be Cyber bullied? , humans live in a world where people
bully or get bullied. Cyber bullying is when a person uses the internet in order to cause deliberate
harm to another individual or to embarrass them.
Good day my name is Rachel Brown and I stand here to expound on my topic “What
causes Cyber bullying?” under the theme “Entertainment”. The purpose of my speech is to
elaborate on what motivates children to cyber bully online, the exact reason why children cyber
bully is unknown but three reasons are they do it out of revenge, they believe the victims deserve
it and cyber bullies do it out of boredom.
When kids have been bullied, they often seek revenge instead of coping with the situation
in healthier ways. The motivation for this is retaliate for the pain they have experienced. They
feel justified in their actions because they too have been harassed and tormented. They want
others to feel what they feel and justified in doing so, by cyber bullying others they feel a sense
of relief and vindication for their actions.
Bullying often revolves around a person social status or based on a school social ladder.
For instance , a mean girl, my get cyber bullied by a group of girls who are hoping to bring her
down a notch or two. Or by contrast, a mean girl might cyber bully another girl who excels
academically and she is jealous of her success. other times a girl might cyber bully another girl
because she believe she stole her boyfriend whatsoever the reasons are people believe their cyber
bullying behavior is wanted and deserved.
Kids who are bored and looking for entertainment will sometime resort to cyber bullying
to add some excitement and drama to their lives. They might also choose to cyber bully because
the lack attention and supervision from parents. As a result the internet becomes there source of
entertainment and an outlet for attention. Instead of finding positive ways of spending their free
time they entertain themselves by creating digital drama.
According to a 2017 report for the centers for disease control and prevention students
often experience cyber bullying over texts, social media or other electronic means. Also,
according to very well family kids will sometimes cyber bully to fit in with a group of friends or
a clique? As a result these kids succumb to peer pressure just to accept at school even if it means
going against their better judgment. This group of friends will also choose to cyber bully because
they have a false sense of security in numbers.
According to Grace Gabriel 2014 we often say bullies are jealous, unhappy or just unkind
people, while there are some truths to those perceptions cyber bullying can come from more
mundane feelings like boredom. Access and opportunity can also lead children to cyber bully
In concluding, revenge motivated can make people cyber bully in daily lives to make
them think harassing other people is something that is natural as some people deserved to be
bullied. Occasionally it is not enough, some say they’ll start to find new targets that seem weaker
than them. Some bully only to boost their egos. These individuals simply harass to entertain
themselves and their friends who might also have a high chance, not scared of getting caught
because they believe they will not.
Attention is what some people want. There might be a chance they did not gain it from
their family; they are suffering from family conflicts. Most are starving for the recognition of
being powerful figures. Being arrogant are, some bully only to remind others of their social
status that are lower than theirs. Some bully because the people around them are doing it as well.
If one does not do it, the ones who are doing would believe the ones who are not doing is afraid
and become peer pressured. It is said kids see as a trend.
After doing my research two sources I used were Jamaica Gleaner and the Jamaica
Information Service. The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper has been the oldest operating newspaper in
the Caribbean. It was established on September 13th 1834 it provides me with credible
information that helped me organized my speech and also was a learning process where as a
teenager it was effective being active on social media sites. Also the Jamaica Information
Service who first was GPRO was renamed in 1963 its reliable providing me with public
education and articles of incidents of cyber bullies which pertained to my speech and how it
affect children. After gathering these information I believe the best way to stop cyber bullying is
to avoid posting online and consult the situation with an adult.
“Anna, Anna, Anna! Wake up it’s time for church”
“Yes mom, I’m awake”
Anna got up spread her bed comb her hair and started to get dressed and ready for church. Anna
comes from a Christian family who doesn’t miss church services on Sundays and during the
week, Anna who got baptized at the age of ten years old which she taught was too young to live
a good Christian life. Anna always wanted to experience life outside of church.
“Anna, are you finish getting ready?”
“Yes mom I’m finish just a sec!”
“Meet me in the car”
Anna rushed downstairs to meet her mom. Anna went in the car, and they both drove off to
church. While driving they drove passed their neighbors house. Where they saw Drake the eldest
son of the Thompson’s family. Drake and Anna made an eye contact Drake smiled and waved at
Anna attempt to wave back at Drake, but she couldn’t because of her mother’s presence. Instead
Anna gave Drake a little smile on her face.
“I saw that, I don’t want you to speak to those inner city boys who has no interest in life. I grew
you too good for talking to those rubbish, untidy, ugly looking boys, all dem waa is wah between
yuh legs. Listen Anna please don’t mess with me I’ll smack you in the face”
“Mummy but…”
“But nothing mummy mi dun chat tuh yu pickni !”
Anna was upset, because her mother yelled at her for just smiling at Drake. She taught to herself
that she didn’t do anything that bad her mother to be angry.
The Blake’s had finally arrived at church
“Good Morning sister Blake, how yuh duh?” one of Mrs. Blake church sister asked with a smile.
“I’m doing well so far Sister Livingston, I’m here to praise and give God thanks for his blessings
that he has given to me.
Sister Livingston smiled and respond “That’s great sister”
Anna and her mother sat in church praising and participating in the church service hours passed
by church and was now over. The Blake’s went home and prepared for school and work the
following day.
(Alarm ring)
Anna left the bed lazily crawling and pulling her feet to the bathroom. Anna had a bath, combed
her hair ate breakfast.
“Anna you going to be late for school you need to leave the house now”
Anna left the house immediately and took a bus to school.
“Goodie! Anna! Come yah Guds”
“Sharmain you don’t have to call me like that in front of so many people” Anna looked around to
see if any one heard
Anna and Sharmain walked in school to meet with their other friends.
Anna and Sharmain met up with their other two friends tayshaniesha and Raniesha then they
went o English class.
“gurl! Yuh noh hear bout di big bad pati weh Damion a keep Wednesday weh name Up Top
“Yeah gurl mi hear an mi afi reach”
Anna overheard her friend’s conversation and asked “what party?”
“Girl weh yu a ask that fa ano like u can guh with a mumma like fi yu” they all laughed. “I’m
going to go to that party you guys just watch and see” Anna said in a angry tone.
Sharmain said “mi want si yuh deh”
“You will!”
“Anna and company be quiet!” their teacher shouted.
The day passed by school was now over.
“Gurl yuh try come Wednesday enuh.”
“Yes girl I’m going to come plus my mom has church on Wednesday.”
“Jus call mi wen u a lef”
When Anna got home she waited for her mother to leave a few minutes later after her mother left
she started to get ready for the party. Anna gathered her things and went to sharmain’s house.
Anna knocked on the door and waited for sharmain to open it. The door opened revealing
sharmain who suddently frowned.
“My gurl yuh tink a church yu aguh?”
“No what’s wrong with my outfit?”
“Don’t I look sexy?” Anna asked
Sharmain rolled her eyes and dragged Anna inside and slammed the door. They went in the room
and sharmain started to throw some outfits on the bed.
“Cum put on dis!”
Anna looked at the dress and look back at Sharmaine
“This is too short”
“Listen to mi put on dis”
Anna really wanted to go and this was her chance to experience her life outside of church. So she
horriedly put on the dress and went off to the party.
Upon their arrival they saw their other friends, they were shocked to see that Anna made it and
that she looked much younger. The music was loud the air was filled with liquor and smoke and
dancers everywhere. Anna was there rocking and sipping on her liquor then she heard a voice in
her ears.
“Mi nah know yah cum a pati”
Anna turned around and saw that it was Drake,
“I’m just here to have some fun”.
Drake smiled “cum gi mi a dance nuh”
Anna agreed and started to dance on Drake. After dancing on drake for a while Anna heard the
name “Spice” that have been echoing in the dance ever since she got there. Anna told Drake she
is going to find out who it was so she got her friends. And they all pushed their way through the
large crowd of people.
“Anna yuh bracelet drop”
Anna stooped and tried to pick up her bracelet that her mom gave her for being a good academic
“Am coming Sharmaine!”
As Anna looked up at who the person the crowd was gathered around. “It couldn’t be” said Anna
as she went closer to get a better look at this “Spice’ the center of attention at the party
When Anna saw the persons face clear as day Anna’s belly sank, she adjusted her eyes and her
mouth struggled to say the word.
The narrative “Disguise” is about a teenage girl who grew up in a strong Christian home
with her mom who is secretly one of Jamaica’s top female dancer. The narrative piece also
involves peer pressure of other teenagers who are exposed to excitement and fame.
The researcher wrote the story for several reasons. Firstly, to in the target audience about
teenagers who are influenced into adulthood. Secondly, to urge parents to develop a special bond
with their child. Finally, to educate teenagers not to take the wrong influence from peers.
The target audience of this story includes parents and teenagers. Many teenagers have been
influenced to do wrong in their lives. Many parents fail to play an important role in their child’s
life not to give them special needs but to have a good relationship with their child.
The reflective piece “Disguise” is targeted to teenagers and parents. The researcher
structured it to provide a visual and auditory so that the message can be passed on effectively and
the audience will get the concept of the message and a better understanding instead of writing in
a brochure, newspaper etc. or even saying a speech.
The reflective piece “Disguise” is based on teenagers who are Christians but are craving to be
involve with sex .fame and parties just to fit in also this piece shows of others who are living
double standard lives to please themselves. This piece consist of dialect variation , language
registers and attitudes to language .
Dialect variation refers to changes in language due to various influences . These include
social, geographic, individual and group factors. Dialect: this refers to the variety of language
Characteristic of a particular group of people in a given speech community or region. For
example one may refer to a Caribbean dialect as there are certain vocabulary items and sentence
structures that Caribbean countries have in common. Creole: refer to a dialect or language
which results from contact between the language of a colonizing people and the language of
colonized people. In the Caribbean, creole languages are as a result of contact between English ,
French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Patois: refer to a geographical dialect which differs from
the standard language spoken in a given country . In Jamaica, for example in Jamaica, for
example, the word patois carries the usual negative associations and lack of prestige which
characterized non-standard, rural or regional dialects.
Firstly Basilect which is complete patois/creole where it shows in paragraph 3 line 12: all
dem waa is wah between yuh legs. After in the continuum you have the Mesolect where it is
evident in the dialogue 4 where sis. Livingston said “good morning sister Blake, how yuh duh?
And thirdly you have the Acrolect in dialogue 1 Anna responded: “Yes mom I’m finish jus a
Language registers refer to the range of language choices available for use in different
situations. It is the level of formality and informality used. The five levels identified have given
specialized name by linguist: frozen, formal, consultative, intimate and casual.
In the reflective casual was used where Anna friends said: “Goodie! come yah guds!”
Also intimate was shown when Anna said to drake “I,m here to have some fun and he smiled
And said. “Cum gi mi a dance nuh.”
Language attitudes usually entail attitudes to the speakers of the particular language or
the speakers of the particular language or dialect. There is evidence that language attitudes
influence sound change. Language attitudes may affect whether or not varieties are mutually
intelligible. In the story paragraph 3 line 4 where Anna’s mom responded : “Listen Anna
please don’t mess with me I’ll smack you in the face” it showed how angry her mother was
towards her because Anna waved to the guy . She was upset at her because of the guy Anna was
interested in.
In concluding, it was proven to the researcher that these communicative behaviors were
used effectively. Dialect variation falls under three variaties Basilect , Mesolect and Acrolect .
The Acrolect is the complete creole, mesolect is a mixture of creole and Standard English and
acrtolect is Standard English. Language registers proven to level of formality shown in the story
and attitudes to language proven of the tone of the characters.